Aww! Proud grandma Amy Roloff took to Instagram to share a sweet snap with her (seriously adorable) granddaughter, and her caption was too precious. “This grandma loves to hang out w/ my granddaughter Ember,” the Little People, Big World star wrote. “I think she was eyeing the brownie on the tray. Going to have fun baking w/ her one day. #grandmaroloff #granddaughterlove #amyssecondactcontinues.” BRB, crying. Watch the video below to see the photo!

Although the 53-year-old didn’t share a snap with her other grandchild, Jackson, she has given him a shoutout before. Last year, she gushed about spending “grandma time” with Baby J too. “Just having a little baby Jackson time w/ Grandma Amy. I just can’t get enough of this little guy. Gave Tori a chance to catch up on some chores around the house. Love my grandma time w/ him.” So sweet!

Recently, the reality star mama has been making headlines — for a scandalous reason! After sharing a photo with her boyfriend, Chris Marek, on Super Bowl Sunday, fans slammed the star for sleeping with him without a ring on her finger. Although there’s zero proof the two are getting down behind closed doors, Internet trolls came out in full force.

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Friends watching the Super Bowl game! Yeah some of us rooted for the Patriots … but those Eagles? They were spectacular. What a game. And then there was J.T.! Justin Timberlake you were awesome🎵! Fun times w/ friends and a little football 😊❤️.

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“A Christian doesn’t continue to live in sin… better to marry then [sic] to burn,” one person wrote. “Don’t claim Christ when the fruits deny him. Take after your three kids who knew better. Fornication is unbecoming.” Wait — what? First of all, Amy has four children. Second, Christ probably doesn’t like the fact that you’re bullying a literal stranger. Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk is a commandment, right?

Luckily, others came to their defense. “Why do people feel the need to judge and accuse people they don’t know?” a second added. A third hilariously chimed in, “Enough with the holy crap. We are all sinners, so enough!” LOL, amen — pun totally intended.

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