Some people have doctors, others have Instagram followers to seek medical advice from! Tori Roloff reached out to her fans on Feb. 8 to seek advice about breastfeeding when she started experiencing nipple pain while nursing her nine-month-old son Jackson. However, the Little People, Big World star may have gotten a little more than she bargained for, because now fans think she’s pregnant again!

“Nipple pain… either he’s not latched good, or you’re pregnant again. Seen both happen, trust me,” said one fan. Another supported the idea, writing, “if it hurts to breastfeed at 9 months, you might want to take a pregnancy test, just saying.” Of course, not everyone thought pregnancy was the culprit for her issues. One supporter wrote, “I would try using a nipple shield for a little bit… it sounds like they might be cracked!”

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Tori was grateful for the advice, but it sounds like she definitely doesn’t want fans thinking she might be expecting again already! “You guys are so amazing, I feel like this was how social media is supposed to be used, mamas helping mamas. Thank you for all of your advice,” she wrote, going on to say, “I think the pain is due to baby boy having six teeth. At least that’s what I’m going with… and praying it’s not thrush.” Thrush is when nipples become cracked and candida fungus makes its way inside and causes an infection. According to the NHS “thrush in breastfeeding women is usually treated with a cream that you spread on and around your nipples after feeds. Once you and your baby start treatment, your symptoms should improve within two to three days.”

So, can Tori’s pain actually be caused by another pregnancy? Yes, actually. “The nipple soreness is just something the mother has to endure,” breastfeeding expert Wendy Haldeman told Health of pregnant nursing moms. “Some can; others find it is just too painful to continue.” Other issues can include a diminished milk supply and a changing flavor that makes babies less likely to enjoy feeding.

This isn’t the first time Tori has sparked pregnant rumors recently. In January, she posted about her hubby “playing with his kids” (plural) and “plotting their next big adventure.” We’ll just have to wait and see what’s causing Tori’s pain, but we hope she feels better soon!

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