It's pumpkin season on the Roloff farm — but Amy Roloff is struggling when it comes to working with her ex-husband Matt's new girlfriend Caryn Chandler. On Little People, Big World, Amy finally admitted that Matt's relationship with the farm's longtime manager is affecting her negatively — personally and professionally.

"Caryn has been a part of pumpkin season and has been managing it for a long time and does a great job," Amy say on the show. "But knowing the relationship between Matt and Caryn, and to know that they are dating… to work beside Caryn is not healthy for me." She went on to explain how she knows that she has to put her feelings aside for the business, but it's not easy for her.

"It will always be difficult for me, working with Caryn or Matt, or living on the farm. We may look at how much longer are we able to keep this going and I do not have a clear picture of what my future looks like going ahead," Amy added. "When I’m in the same room as Caryn, I have a constant reminder of a marriage that didn’t work out, and a loss."

Matt also acknowledged the tension between Amy and his girlfriend — and revealed it extends beyond just working together on the farm. "I’m not sure Amy won’t ever come around and accept you know Caryn’s role in my life,” Matt explained. "Because of that, I don’t know that I ever see being able to comfortably live on the same farm. It’s just weird. At some point — I don’t know that point yet — but I can feel this boiling point coming where I’m going to need to make a decision about moving off the farm. But is that really what I want to do? Will I miss the farm that much? I don’t know how to deal with it."

Well, it seems Matt and Caryn are finally ready to move off the farm. The couple was spotted in Arizona this month — and Radar Online is reporting that they are looking to "buy property in a luxury retirement community." Currently, Amy and Matt live on separate homes on the farm, just 500 feet away from each other. Matt complained about the living arrangements in a recent episode of LPBW, admitting it was not a long-term plan.

"I don’t like the fact that I live in a house that’s not a good fit for me. It’s not fair for me.I'm stuck at that house," he explained. "Now that I’m divorced I just want my own path away from Amy. The fact that I'm living on the same property as my ex-wife, it’s very, very bizarre."

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