Amy King (née Duggar) says her cousin Josh Duggar is “in for a rude awakening” if he is sentenced to time behind bars in an exclusive video interview with In Touch.

“I honestly don’t think justice can be served a hundred percent for those victims,” Amy, 35, says. “But I do know — I’ve actually looked up some prison details lately ‘cause [I’m] just trying to get an idea of really what’s gonna be happening to him … And I would be very, very, very fearful if I were him.”

When asked whether she would be keeping up with the former Counting On star’s upcoming May 25 sentencing hearing, the 19 Kids and Counting alum insists she “will not be watching it.”

Since Amy has previously vocalized her hope for Josh, 34, to receive the maximum sentence, she tells In Touch she “will probably celebrate” if that happens.

“I can literally like, not think of him as my cousin, but I can think of him as a terrible person. I can literally think of him, like, I never knew him really,” she explains before adding she never “really, truly knew him.”

Aside from her own perception of Josh, Amy notes “that another monster, another abuser is put away, and they can’t hurt any more children.”

“And that makes my heart happy because that means the judge is doing his job,” she concludes. “Homeland Security did their job. And that’s what matters.”

Amy publicly called out her cousin-in-law Anna Duggar for standing by her husband’s side throughout the situation. On Saturday, May 14, the Arkansas native shared a series of TikTok videos directed toward Anna.

Amy Duggar Tells Anna Duggar There's 'No Shame' in Divorcing Josh Ahead of His Child Porn Sentencing
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“Anna, I love you,” Amy vowed in one of the clips. “I have loved you since day one you’ve entered into our family, but let me tell you something, you are showing women all over the world that follow you that it is OK to have an abuser in your home, around your beautiful children.”

Amy also tells In Touch that she believes Anna, 33, has been brainwashed.

“It breaks my heart,” the former reality TV star adds, referring to Anna’s position. “I don’t like that at all. And I just hope she’s OK. And I hope her kids are OK. I truly do.”

Anna shares seven kids with Josh: Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella and Madyson, whom the two welcomed in October 2021.

Amy admits she doesn’t know if Josh’s wife believes he is innocent, also claiming she hasn’t been able to contact Anna in “quite a while.”

“I’ve reached out, there’s been no answer,” Amy adds. “I don’t wanna speak for her because I’m not Anna, you know, and I don’t really know what’s going on inside her heart. But I can tag her in every post I do. And I can, you know, send her text messages and let her know that, like, ‘If you ever need someone to talk to you, you know, just come to my house. I’ll make tea, I’ll make coffee, and we can just sit, and you can cry, and you can be open and vulnerable, and you can actually tell me your feelings.’ … I just don’t have any way of getting a hold of her.”

As for her inability to contact Anna, Amy claims, “I think that they’ve definitely taken some boundaries in her phone … I don’t know if [messages are] actually getting through, I have no idea, but that’s what IBLP does.”

Known as the outspoken Duggar family member, Amy hasn’t held back in slamming the family’s Institute Basic Life Principles ministry. On Sunday, May 15, she labeled IBLP as a “cult” in a Twitter post.

In December 2021, Josh was found guilty of one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography. He is currently in custody in Fayetteville, Arkansas, as he awaits the sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25, at 9:30 a.m.

“You don’t have to be trapped, you’re not trapped,” Amy says when asked what she would tell Anna if she could contact her. “That’s just fear, that’s just literally fear of like what to do next, you know? And heck, I mean, we have room here for seven kids if we need to.”

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