The Duggars are a fairly mysterious family, despite being on TV. That leaves fans alone to speculate about their weird traditions and bizarre rules, and sometimes they craft wild conspiracy theories to fill the void. However, this might be the weirdest fan theory yet: some fans think cousin Amy Duggar might be James Duggar's real mother, and that Michelle and Jim Bob adopted him and raised him as their own because Amy was so young when she had him. So is this crazy or plausible?

James was the thirteenth kid born to Michelle and Jim Bob, and the first kid born after the family got on TV was number fifteen, Jackson, when they did their 14 Kids and Pregnant Again special. So the Duggars definitely didn't have so many eyes on them back when James was born. Fans also argue that James looks less like the other siblings.

Here's the thing: Amy would have been 14 years old if she truly did give birth to James. She's certainly more open than her cousins but still comes from a religious family. It's hard to imagine that she would be sexually active so young, but she has admitted that her father abused her as a kid, which might have lead her to lash out.

Of course, none of the Duggars have ever commented on the wild theory, and we doubt they ever will. For her part, Amy and her husband Dillon King are in no rush to have kids, even though she's 31 already. "We're going to have kids, eventually," she said during a podcast in 2017. "We have a plan, but then again God is over it, and plans change."

"It'll probably be interrupted by an oops," said Dillon. That's something you wouldn't joke about if you had an "oops" in the past, so we're willing to bet that she's never been pregnant. On top of that she said, "I want to be a young mom, a fun mom, a very energetic mom," again, if she already had a child when she was very young, she probably wouldn't say stuff like that. Plus, while Amy loves all of her cousins, she doesn't seem particularly close to James. For now, we're considering this one a no-go.

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