There’s a reason Amy Duggar is our favorite Duggar! The 31-year-old reality star recently spoke out about the Turpin children — who were rescued after years of living in a “house of horrors” — and revealed she would love to adopt the 13 siblings.

“I just texted Dillon and told him I wanted to adopt all 13 Turpin children,” she tweeted of the victims, who range in age from two to 29. “I would love to show them true love and have a beautiful life and provide a secure and stable home for them. God can restore what the devil has stolen.”

She also called out the kids’ parents, David and Louise, adding, “Anyone who can hurt animals and starve / torture children in any way need to be hung by their toenails. Watching the news just breaks my heart.”

While it might be a huge undertaking for Amy and her husband Dillon King, the brunette beauty, who definitely has experience with big families, would be up for the challenge if she had the funds. “I would completely adopt them and get them counseling so they can begin to heal,” she elaborated to People. “They need a home full of love and stability. I’m only 31 so it would be a huge undertaking for Dillon and I. But at least they would be safe and loved.”

She continued, “Dillon and I have a heart for hurting children. The Turpin children are in my prayers. It absolutely just breaks my heart.” The next day, Amy made it clear that she was serious, and requested help in reaching the children. “I have no idea how to reach out to the these precious Turpin Children or who to contact, could someone help me? Dillon and I want to meet them????,” she wrote, also insisting that, “This isn’t a publicity stunt for all those haters out there. My heart is just breaking for them. I am sincere with my words and actions. ♡”

“I know there is no shortage of people who want to help these kids,” she continued. “I hope they will be given to a good home, with proper care and support where they can reach their full potential.” Earlier this month, the Turpin family’s 17-year-old daughter escaped and was able to alert police to the torturous conditions in the home. However. along with Amy’s desire to step in and help, there is another connection between the Turpins and Duggars.

In Touch recently reported that both families are Quiverfulls, the sect of Christianity that strongly values a patriarchal, conservative culture. One redditor also detailed her experience with the controversial religion on the news aggregation platform. “Since the cult taught a strict familial hierarchy, with the father being top dog, then mother, then children in order of birth, as the youngest I was bottom of the totem pole,” she wrote. “My father would twist Bible verses to justify rape, death threats, and more. Because ATI is a homeschool cult, it was really handy to cover up the abuse from any prying eyes. My home was a prison for 11 years until he died of a massive heart attack. And that’s not even the scariest experience.”

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