For Amber Portwood, 2018 kicked off with a bit of controversy! The Teen Mom OG star is getting criticism from fans after posting a photo of boyfriend Andrew Glennon snuggling with her daughter, Leah, on New Year’s Eve. Even though the 27-year-old mom is in a relationship with Andrew and pregnant with his baby, some of her followers found the photo inappropriate.

She captioned the pic, "Bringing in the New Years right with healthy food lol Happy New Years everyone! Sending all our love from my little growing family to yours!" But before she knew it, the seemingly innocent snap got torn apart by fans of the show.

"Idk I just feel like if you want to move fast that’s fine but why subject Leah to it? She literally called Matt her step dad and now she’s expected to move on and embrace this guy as her 'family.' I know she may seem fine now and probably says she likes this new guy but I promise you when she is an adult she will look back and think mom what the heck?" one fan wrote, referencing Amber's ex-boyfriend Matt Baier. Another questioned Leah's safety, writing, "It’s uncomfortable. He hasn’t been in her life long. It LOOKS like they’re in a bed. Statistics say that a man outside of a girls father poses risks. Again as I said it’s not that he has or will. It’s uncomfortable."

But, Amber was not about to read all of the criticism without sticking up for herself and her family. She commented on the photo, "Anybody saying ignorant uncalled for things can go F—K YOURSELF!" She later added, "You are f–king disgusting if your head goes straight to filth. We are a happy and loving family. We don’t need ignorant people commenting on our pictures."

Of course, she didn't stop there. Dropping the f-bomb wasn't enough, so she posted a photo of Mister Rogers giving the finger to further drive her point home. "I share my life and family with you all however that doesn't mean I need everyone's ignorant opinions," she captioned the post. "I have an amazing daughter and a loving and brilliant man. Andrew is a kind hearted loving man and takes good care of his new growing family! Send love not hate!!"

But, Teen Mom OG fans remained divided over whether it was just an innocent photo or exposed a deeper problem with Amber's parenting. "When I look at the picture I see father and daughter. Anybody thinking any other way is sick minded and they are the ones with the issues. Don't let the haters get to you they are just jealous of what you have," one commenter wrote, while another argued, "This isn’t about 'haters' 'negativity' being 'ignorant' or 'jealous.' To anyone who has watched teen mom throughout the years will know that Amber jumps from man to man and exposes her daughter to potentially dangerous situations." Well, that's one way to start the new year…

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