Over the weekend, Alaskan Bush People star Rainy Brown took to Instagram to share a video of herself singing “I’m Moving On” — a tune made popular by country group, Rascal Flatts. In the caption, she wrote, “A person whom I hold very dear showed me this song a couple days ago. I hope you find what you are looking for and may God walk with you on your journey, and may you be reminded I am here to walk with you.” Yet despite the sweet message, her voice was met with mixed emotions — and the negative comments from her haters seemed to overshadow the positive. Watch the video below to see what people had to say.

The 14-year-old has been under fire by Internet trolls, most recently for posting selfies while her mom, Ami Brown, battles stage four lung cancer. Since leaving Alaska for California, the youngest of the Brown family has been constantly sharing selfies with uplifting messages, letting her followers know that she is doing her best to stay positive while her 54-year-old mom is on her deathbed. After fans attacked her for posting, Rain wasted no time clapping back. Go, girl!

She wrote, “Yep another selfie❤️ you gotta love yourself kids no matter who try’s to push you down, you wouldn’t believe the people I have had trying to make me mad and a bad person but I just throw love they’re way along with a witty remark ?,” she wrote. “Anyway my point is always remember love is never wrong❤️??? just be and love yourself the rest will fall into place.”

As previously reported, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. In a recent interview with People, the reality TV matriarch opened up about why she is remaining optimistic even though she only has a three-percent chance of survival.

“I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days,” she said. “But I have the will to fight.” She added, “Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It’s a choice. Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine.”

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