Amid reports Alaskan Bush People matriarch, Ami Brown, is undergoing her second round of chemo, fans are wondering if the show is canceled. The reality series — which premiered in 2014 — doesn't have a return date, which has fans concerned.

According to Heavy, however, it doesn't look like the family has any plans on ending their reality TV reign. Despite Ami’s devastating health diagnosis, the Browns appear to be determined to have the show go on — mainly for financial reasons. Episode 1 of ABP Season 7 raked in 2.6 million viewers. Episode 2 — which announced Ami’s lung cancer diagnosis — increased to almost 2.8 million viewers.

Blasting News also reported that Alaskan Bush People Exposed said a crew was seen filming the family in Colorado, which could mean that they are already taping a new season. The eighth installment is rumored to premiere as early as this month, so keep an eye out!

As previously reported, Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, and in a recent interview, the reality TV mama opened up about why she is remaining optimistic even though she only has a three-percent chance of survival. "I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days," she told People. "But I have the will to fight." She added, "Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It’s a choice. Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine."

Last week, the 53-year-old's youngest child, Rain Brown, "spent all morning" with her mother, drinking tea and mixing their favorite essential oils. She also gave an update on her health. "My mom and I spent all morning making our favorite peach tea and our own mix of essential oils together (frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint) with coconut oil as a carrier and a touch of shimmer," she wrote. "She is now going through her second round of chemo, sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful, thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time. ❤️????? stay strong my rainbows, God bless #mommytime #teatime #staystrong #stayhappy #planttherapy" So sweet.

Watch the video below to find out if Alaksan Bush People is fake!

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