Adam Busby doesn’t like using the D word in his house — “divorce,” that is! The OutDaughtered star was quick to squash those pesky rumors that he and his wife, Danielle Busby, may be calling it quits. The father of six — who has all-girl quintuplets with his hot baby mama — took to Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 6 to clear up any confusion. Watch the video below to find out what he had to say — and to see what prompted his tweet in the first place!

Recently, the TLC patriarch came under fire for teasing his girls on Instagram. Last month, Adam began a series called “Daddy ScareCam” where he comes up behind the quints and makes loud noises, but a lot of fans don’t find it funny! “OMG, poor babies,” someone commented. Another added, “That’s just mean.”

Despite all of the haters, a lot of people also came to defend Adam for his silly prank. “It’s a bummer that certain people have to ruin such a sweet and innocent post,” wrote one fan. “Either way I thought it was cute; be careful Adam, Hazel Basil is going to get back at you lol.” Plenty of others agreed, saying things like “he’s having fun!” and “the kids are smiling!”

Fans have been anxiously awaiting an announcement from TLC about the future of OutDaughtered. In a now-deleted post, Danielle shared a photo on Instagram with a camera crew. The only problem? She used the hashtag “#season3” when the family would be filming Season 4. “Back in action… to my cozy couch! #season3 #couchinterviews,” she wrote. Hmmm.

According to TLC’s OutDaughtered page, the final episode of Season 3 aired back in September. On Jan. 17, Adam confirmed Season 3 on Twitter and wrote, “We can finally Spill the Beans! Thank you everyone for the INCREDIBLE amount of support! The Show has been a hit!” Yet regardless of what Danielle’s message really meant, fans could hardly contain their excitement. “Just made my day! My daughter is going to be thrilled!” one person wrote. Another added, “Yay!! Can’t get enough. Love watching the girls’ milestones because my kids are similar ages!” Enough with the torture and just tell us already!

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