Their fans are not all pleased with this move. Some of Adam and Danielle Busby’s followers didn’t like that the OutDaughtered stars were promoting a “juice cleanse detox” on Instagram, and they let the reality stars know exactly how they felt. “It’s not coffee for us this morning …” Danielle, 35, wrote on July 23. “Day 1 juice cleanse detox starts now! I am 99 percent sure I wouldn’t be able to make it through these 4 days without someone doing it with me … so @adambuzz & @priscilla_hartranft, we gonna keep each other motivated and get through this!!!” One of the milder criticisms in the comments read, “Why? Juice has an incredible amount of sugar.”

Other fans were a little more harsh with their comments. “Pretty sure that’s what your kidneys are for … 🤔🙄” one person wrote. Another fan brought up the sugar content again and said, “RDA sugar allowance for women is 26 grams a day — total. One of these juice servings is 30 grams!”

But the replies were not all bad. One follower kindly wrote, “I wish people wouldn’t be so hard on them about this because there’s definitely nothing wrong with doing a juice cleanse for only 4 days. It’s actually good for your body. As long as they’re consuming some sort of calories and water this is perfectly acceptable. We as Americans tend to overeat and I think that they’re actually an inspiration. We could all take a note from these two. I mean people are acting like they’re starving their selves. They’re not. It’s called a fast.”

It doesn’t appear that Adam, 37, or Danielle have addressed the controversy in later social media posts. However, the very next post on Danielle’s Instagram promoted kids vitamins, and she made sure to include, “✨SUGAR FREE!” in the caption. Do you think the previous comments got to her a little bit? What do you think of the Busby’s juice cleanse, and do you think the scolding from fans in necessary?

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