She may be more private than most reality stars, but Raiven Adams is still happy to share the occasional pregnancy update with her followers. On Tuesday, November 26, the future Alaskan Bush People star took to Instagram to let fans know how her baby with ex Bear Brown is doing. Revealing that she’s busy getting ready for Christmas — her first as an expectant mom —  she shared that things are progressing well.

Showing off a photo of her miniature Christmas tree, she captioned it, “Yes, my tree is black. 😊😂” Raiven, 21, revealed the photo also featured her first holiday present — “the bread [her] little brother ‘gifted’ [her].” Though she found the whole thing pretty funny, it was clear she was feeling the holiday spirit. Becoming a mom only added to that joy. “I love Christmas,” she continued. “[I] can’t wait for the baby to get here so I can have cute Santa photos! 😩 [I] just stopped by to say happy holidays and the baby is still doing really good!”

We’re glad the mom shared an update. Since she announced that she and Bear, 32, announced that their little one is a boy, she’s been quiet on Instagram. She even went through her account and archived or deleted plenty of posts. Throughout her pregnancy, the star has alternated between the occasional social media hiatus and regular Q&As where she opens up to fans about how she’s feeling.

In October, she opened up about what the hardest part of pregnancy has been so far. “I’m probably very extra about it, but I research everything I eat to make sure it’s safe,” she said. “It’s overwhelming sometimes.” That was just one of the issues she was dealing with, though. Her morning sickness was also pretty severe for a while. “Right now, it’s hard [to enjoy my pregnancy] because I’m always sick,” she confessed to a fan in the beginning of the month, “but I am blessed to have a baby on the way.”

Luckily, Raiven soon started feeling better — and now she’s getting ready for the holidays. On his own account, the father revealed that their land in Washington was already getting plenty of snow. “I always loved the frosty mornings!” he captioned a photo of the forest. These two may have gone their separate ways romantically, but we can’t wait to see how they prepare for the holidays together.

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