90 Day Fiancé star Mary De Nuccio faced backlash for twerking in a video, with many of her costars stating that her provocative dancing was hypocritical due to her controlling behavior toward husband Brandan De Nuccio.

Mary, 23, and Brandan, 24, were the topic of conversation after she shared a video of herself twerking on social media, which was shared in a teaser clip for the Monday, December 18, season 5 tell-all of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way shared by People.

“It’s not just in a bikini but she’s like, shaking her ass in a sexual way on camera, to the camera, trying to get a lot of sexual attention,” Shekinah Garner said while discussing the video.

After Shekinah, 43, said that Mary’s moves were “very provocative,” Tim Malcolm added, “She’s shaking her ass on social media but doesn’t want Brandan to do anything.”

“I think it’s the double standard about him,” Daniele Gates agreed, while Kenny Niedermeier weighed in, “If he were shaking his butt in a Speedo, she would not tolerate that at all.”

Mary then argued that the moves were just a “dance” and that “a lot of people do that.”

However, Shekinah didn’t tolerate Mary’s stance and said the Phillipines native was “very controlling” towards Brandan. “So for you to do it and be that way towards him, it doesn’t make any sense,” she added.

Mary fired back by asking Shekinah why it was OK for her to be “showing [her] boobs” online, but not appropriate for her to dance.

Shekinah then turned the conversation back to Mary and asked how she would feel if Brandan watched videos of other women twerking. “I [would] care about that but he doesn’t do that,” Mary responded.

Despite the backlash, Brandan revealed that he viewed Mary’s social media posts differently than the rest of the cast. “Since she and I have started talking, she has become more confident, I should say, in posting her body online, right?” he said. “Because she felt like, ‘Oh, I’m dating an American man now. He has these American standards and all these American girls do this so I should do it too,’ right?”

“And so she starts doing that and I see it. I’m supportful [sic] of it,” Brandan continued. “And I think, you know, do whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself feel better.”

90 Day Fiance's Mary De Nuccio Slammed by Costars for 'Provocative' Twerking Video

Even though Brandan insisted he supported Mary’s posts, the other reality stars wouldn’t let Mary off the hook. Sarper Güven even stated that Mary is a “manipulator” and likes to play the “victim.”

Fans have watched Mary and Brandan face many ups and downs on the show, including intense fights about their trust issues and financial struggles. However, the couple has remained dedicated to making their relationship work. Not only have Mary and Brandan gotten married, but they also welcomed their first child, a daughter named Midnight, in August.

“When I heard our baby crying for the first time during my C-section, I got teary-eyed and was so happy to realize I have a baby!” the mother of one told Entertainment Tonight in November. “Our daughter, Midnight, is worth everything and I’ve never been this happy in my whole life.”

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