Inset Photo of Jonathan Rivera and Fiance Janelle Miller Over Photo of Fernanda Flores
Courtesy Fernanda Flores/Instagram; Courtesy Jonathan Rivera/Instagram

Seeing her ex move on might’ve taken more of a toll on Fernanda Flores than she initially realized. The 90 Day Fiancé star admitted on Instagram she’s feeling “hurt” in the days since her ex-husband, Jonathan Rivera, revealed he proposed to his new fiancé, Janelle Miller. Though she initially told In Touch she wished the couple “all the best,” a glimpse at her journal shows she’s done some further reflecting on her emotions.

“There [are] things in life that suck sometimes, but it’s all about how we react,” Fernanda, 22, captioned the photo shared on her Instagram Story on Monday, June 22. “I try to stay focused and positive.” Though she didn’t reveal exactly what she was “hurt” by, it didn’t take fans long to make the connection — especially when she shared another video transforming her bridal gown into a paint-splattered divorce dress.

90 Day Fiance Star Fernanda Flores Reveals She's Feeling Hurt After Ex Husband Jonathan Rivera Announces New Engagement
Courtesy Fernanda Flores/Instagram

“Long story short, I married the one that I thought was the love of my life when I was 20 years old. Six months later, I got separated, and a year after, I got divorced. This is [me] walking out of the courthouse, feeling happy and free,” the TLC alum said in a TikTok. “However, I got to keep my wedding dress [that] was supposed to be for my wedding in Mexico with family and friends around, and that did not happen. I did not want to sell the dress because I was really attached to it and the dream of my big wedding, so I came out with this crazy idea.”

Turning her wedding dress into an art project with her friends made Fernanda realize that her marriage wasn’t a failure if it led her to where she is in her life now. “I realize that I am capable of doing all these things that this dude told me that I was not, and I found these friends that feel like family,” she said. “This is my happily ever after. We can’t control certain situations in our life, but we can control the way we react about it.”

Jonathan, 33, announced his engagement less than a week earlier on Thursday, June 18, as he snapped a selfie with fiancée Janelle. Just over a year after the couple shared their first photo together, they shared a new shot as the bride-to-be flashed a diamond ring at the camera. “Easiest decision I’ve ever made,” Jonathan captioned the shot.

Hurt feelings aside, it sounds like both stars are happy to have moved on.How big are reality star salaries? Jason Tartick breaks it down with Us Weekly editors.

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