Back when they were still on the show, Jorge and Anfisa Nava were one of the most popular 90 Day Fiancé couples. Even though they quit the TLC series this fall (despite the show trying to renew their contracts), it seems like they’ve still got plenty of fans. Well, at least Jorge definitely does! As it turns out, he’s got at least one fan that likes him so much that he wrote a letter to the reality start to declare his love. The only problem is that Jorge, of course, is serving time in prison right now. But don’t worry, Anfisa  was more than happy to open it up for him — and to share it with everyone else.

The star showed the letter off on her Instagram story, writing, “Reading Jorge’s fan mail,” with a crying laughing emoji. And the letter itself is pretty juicy, too. “I watched you and Anfisa on 90 Day Fiancé. You guys were my favorite couple,” the fan shared. “You are always interesting to watch. Anfisa is beautiful and you, well, you are absolutely gorgeous. She is so feisty. I like her, but it was frustrating watching her treat you the way she did. Watching you provide for her, get her nice things, and you doing everything in your power to make her happy really warmed my heart. It made me a little envious to be honest! You are a great catch,” he continued. “You’re everything people look for in a life partner. You are gorgeous, smart, loving and a provider.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Anfisa Shows Off Love Letter A TLC Viewer Sent Jorge In Prison

After heaping out compliments, he had a few questions to ask. “How are you holding up in prison? It’s absolutely ridiculous! You are providing medicine for people — you weren’t hurting anyone. Marijuana cultivation is a victimless crime. How are you feeling mentally? Are you prepared to serve your sentence? What is your daily schedule like there? Are you making friendships in there? Have you had anyone who watched the show write you?! I wasn’t sure if I should write you.”

From there, talk turned back to Jorge’s wife — but it was really just because the letter writer was interested himself. “Does Anfisa visit much?” he asked. “Do you guys see each other/talk often? I know I would be there for you every visiting day! So I just turned 28 (October 30th). I am from Duluth, MN (now living in Minneapolis, MN). I am a bisexual man. I enjoy plays, theatre, concerts, travel (domestic/international). I work in retail management (Marshalls). I want to go back to school eventually. I’d like to be an LADC (Licensed Alcohol [and] Drug Counselor) or a teacher.”

Things turned even more personal after that as the writer discussed a history of addiction and talked about how family is important to him even though he grew up without siblings. Now, the fan is looking to make a friend — and explains how he wants to be there for Jorge. Over all, the letter is super sweet, if a little strange, and Anfisa doesn’t seem to mind that Jorge’s new pen pal is shading her a little bit while he goes after her man. Of course, we’re sure she’s not afraid of a little competition — not with all the phone sex she and Jorge are having.

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