It’s official: Jorge Nava is going to prison. The 90 Day Fiancé star had the sentencing hearing for his February arrest in Arizona on Sept. 7, and the results were not what he and wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko were hoping for. So how long will he be locked away in jail? A whopping 22 months!

The pair filmed a YouTube video one day before his hearing where he explained what happened when he was found with 300 pounds of marijuana in his car, and asked fans for prayers that the judge would be “fair” to him. In an update at the very end, Anfisa, 23, wrote, “Jorge just contacted me after his sentencing hearing. He is going to serve 22 months.” 

As we previously reported, Jorge originally faced a much larger sentence, as his crime was classified as a Class 2 felony. He says he was facing 24 years in prison, and his lawyer was able to change that to a Class 4 felony in a plea deal. However, Jorge believes he was “profiled,” because the police had no reason to pull him over in the first place.

“I just feel like if us citizens have to obey the laws, there shouldn’t be anybody else with more authority. They should be trying to help the community. Obviously they pulled me over and I had stuff in my car, but still I don’t feel that it was fair. I did not have any type of smell. I do not smoke marijuana. I do not drink. He said I might have been drinking or using any excuse to search my car. He asked my permission to search the car.” Jorge didn’t grant him permission, but the cop called a drug dog who found the weed. 

Jorge said that his “two previous convictions for cultivating marijuana” made it worse, but that he’s never had any violent offenses. Jorge pleaded guilty, even though he felt a two-year sentence “was not fair,” but “it’s not forever, and it’s still not 24 years in prison. I just think it’s absurd, 24 years for a crime that I was not hurting anybody.” We wish them both the best after receiving the devastating news.

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