Is 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fake? Fans have been buzzing about a conspiracy theory involving Season 2 star Ricky after a report surfaced, claiming Ricky was still married when he applied for the show, that he allegedly faked his relationships with Melissa and Ximena, and that his participation in the show was all part of an alleged plan made by Ricky and his second wife Natalia so that they could drum up promotion for his film production company. Now, Ricky’s wife Natalia is speaking out and slamming rumors claiming that she had something to do with this alleged plan.

“Let me make one thing clear, I was not involved and never will be in this show. I knew he was going to Colombia, I was told the day before our anniversary, when I was already living somewhere else, that he was moving on. Had I known it was to this magnitude, I would have prepared myself. After his trip, there were lots of regrets and promises, so blame me for being dumb — but that is all I was. I gave a man I loved another chance,” Natalia wrote in the comments section of reality TV blogger John Yates‘ Instagram. 

Natalia confirmed what Ricky initially said in his introduction on the show: that he was still legally married but separated from his wife at the time of filming. She also hinted that she and Ricky tried to reconcile their relationship after he returned from his trip to Colombia. 

But John wrote back and pressed Natalia, accusing her and Ricky of intentionally hurting Ximena by using her as a pawn in their alleged plan. She denied that she had a part in it, but she hinted that Ricky may have been the one who came up with the plan and intentionally broke Ximena’s heart on TV for his own personal gain.

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“I did nothing to Ximena. As soon as I saw the direction he had for the company, I stepped away,” Natalia continued. “There is not enough money in the world to justify doing that to her, or putting myself through this. Now — did he have feelings for her? 100 [percent] but as we have all seen, his feelings change rather quickly. I read the article, that I was involved — it’s nonsense. As soon as I found out he was going, I emailed TLC to tell them he was married, how they chose to proceed with this is beyond me.”

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