Baby mommy with the moves! Pregnant 90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield has shared every part of her pregnancy journey with fans ever since she announced that she was expecting her first child — a baby boy — with her husband Russ Mayfield back in July. But now, her latest update has fans wondering if Pao is close to her due date. On Saturday, Dec. 29, Paola shared a new video clip featuring her and her husband Russ doing the “Baby Mama Dance,” which is a popular dance challenge that mommy bloggers use to help induce labor.

In the clip, Pao, 31, had her baby bump on full display in a pair of hip-hugging gray sweatpants and a black sports bra, and she did her best to shake her booty to the beat. Russ, 31, tried to keep up with Pao’s dance moves the best he could, and he even disappeared off-camera at one point and returned with a ball underneath his shirt so he could have a matching baby bump.

The lyrics of the song, by Starrkeisha, are: “When the song come on let me see ya get gone (get gone) / Baby mama’s (ha) this yo song / Been pregnant for way too long (too long) / Now tell the DJ turn it on.” In the chorus, the song suggests that the baby mama should “drop it low” while dancing, and YouTubers like The Ace Family and Elle and Babes to help nudge their little ones out of the womb.

Fans flooded the comments of Pao’s Instagram post featuring a teaser clip of the video, gushing over her dance moves and asking when she’s due to give birth. “Love it !! Looks like you are about to pop!” one fan wrote, and another commented, “LOL… Love it guys!!!!!! You’re going to be such fantastic parents. Full of love and so much fun… your child is very blessed as are you!” It’s unclear when Pao is due, but it looks like she could be giving birth soon.

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