Like mommy, like daughter! Nicole Nafziger made a huge change earlier this week by dying her long blonde hair bright purple and blue, and the 90 Day Fiancé star seriously looks so awesome. But now, Nicole’s daughter May — who is basially her mommy’s mini-me — wanted to look just like her pretty mama so Nicole allowed May to dye her hair purple too.

“I love my baby girl. She’s so cute wanting to have purple hair like her momma,” Nicole wrote in the caption of a photo of her twinning with her baby girl on Instagram. “Another reason I love [Arctic Fox hair color] is it’s great for kids because there’s no chemicals to hurt the hair. It’s conditioning and smells great! She gets to enjoy the color for a couple months and then it fades almost completely to her natural hair.”

Even though Nicole clearly explained that the hair dye doesn’t have chemicals and doesn’t cause any damage to her little girl’s hair, fans still chose to mom-shame Nicole for allowing her little girl to use hair dye. “As cute as she looks, you love her so much to damage her hair at such a young age,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “She [is] too young. It’s sad you don’t see it it, [you’re] ruining her hair.”

But for the most part, Nicole’s followers thought it was super cute that mommy and daughter had matching hair, and a lot of fans said they’ve dyed their young daughter’s hair too. Either way, having a new hair color can make both Nicole and May feel good about themselves, so what’s the harm in that? Nicole even took to Instagram and she gushed over how great she felt after her new makeover.

“Thank you @jordanrwillis for trimming and coloring my hair!” Nicole wrote beside the shocking photos. “I feel amazing and you did an amazing job! Your at-home salon was so cozy and homey. You definitely made me feel comfortable. My hair feels healthy and beautiful! If you’re in the Bradenton area and want a great cut and color for a great price then you should get in contact with her!”

Fans quickly flooded Nicole’s comments with love for the bold new look. “Nicole this is amazing! Love it!” wrote one excited fan. Another chimed in, saying, “You are such a gorgeous chick and this hair color scheme is really flattering! Love it!” 

Many of her fellow 90DF stars were also obsessed. Molly Hopkins wrote, “love love love it!” and Evelyn Cormier said, “Wow that looks amazing, I love it!” But what does her man Azan think of the look? Well, one fan asked, and she answered! “Can’t get enough of it!” she wrote alongside a winky face. 

nicole nafziger

(Credit: Instagram)

Of course, where there are supporters, there are always naysayers. “No sweetie, I love you but this style is perfect for [your daughter] May, but you’re too old for it,” said a hater. Another said, “It’s a pretty color but I couldn’t help but think of Halloween when I first saw it! Hope you aren’t planning on going to any job interviews anytime soon!” We’re sure she’ll be just fine. Keep slaying girl, you look awesome!

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