Maybe Nicole Nafziger can learn a thing or two from Danielle Jbali! 90 Day Fiancé fans have always compared Nicole’s relationship with Azan Tefou to Danielle’s relationship with her ex-husband Mohamed Jbali — and there are some eerily spot-on similarities between the two. But in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Danielle revealed that she actually reached out to Nicole to give her some advice as an older, wiser woman who has been through a similar situation.

“I told Nicole to go over more than once to make sure that he was in it for the right reasons,” Danielle told In Touch. Since Danielle only went over to visit Mohamed in his native country of Tunisia once, so, from her experience, it would be better for Nicole to have spent more time with Azan to get to know him more before they decided to tie the knot.

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Another thing that Danielle and Nicole have in common is that they’re both women from America who were in romantic relationships with Muslim men. Nicole was in for a culture shock when she arrived in Morocco and Azan would not kiss or hug her in public because it was against his religion to do so before they were married. But Danielle said she warned Nicole that there would be cultural differences.

“I told her to research the religion and culture. That’s why I could not believe she was acting like that, because before I went to meet Mohamed, I researched everything,” Danielle said. “I asked him questions 24/7, and I even investigated where I was going by looking things up and giving Mohamed ideas of what I wanted to do or what I wanted to see and stuff like that, so I really invested myself into learning about his culture and the religion. I don’t think Nicole did that.”

“I was not like that with Mohamed, trying to get him to kiss me out in public, because I knew through research and what he told me and explained to me,” Danielle continued. “I respected that. And it just seems like she didn’t respect it in the very beginning.”

Another similarity between Nicole and Danielle is that they both were single mothers before they entered relationships with foreign men. But Danielle explained that it was different for her because since her kids were older, she was able to be honest with them about her relationship and the K-1 visa process. Her kids were also able to open up to her about their concerns about Mohamed — but Nicole’s daughter May is only a toddler, so it’s more difficult for her.

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“I could not imagine doing that with a child like Nicole’s daughter cause she wouldn’t understand,” Danielle said. “See, my kids are old enough that they know who their dad is and they see their dad. So what is May gonna think if this doesn’t work out and Azan has to leave and he’s not in her life no more. How is Nicole going to explain that to her?”

Another big issue for Nicole is the fact that she taught her daughter May to call Azan “daddy,” even though Azan is not May’s biological father — which is something Danielle would never do. “Yeah and that, I would not allow,” Danielle said. “My kids wouldn’t even call Mohamed ‘dad.’ I don’t understand why [Nicole] is doing that because that’s not [May’s] dad.”

Fans of the hit TLC reality TV series remember Danielle and Mohamed’s story almost vividly: they fell in love after meeting online, got engaged, and then Danielle completed the K-1 visa process so that Mohamed could move to the United States and marry her. But shortly after the wedding, their relationship took a turn. Danielle found out that Mohamed had been talking to a handful of other women online, and he even abandoned Danielle during their marriage and moved to Miami with a woman named Luisa.

Danielle was worried because Azan had also been caught having conversations with other women after some private voicemails were leaked online. The only difference is Azan’s alleged cheating scandal came out before he and Nicole tied the knot, and Danielle said that if she were Nicole, she would have called off the wedding if Mohamed had pulled that with her before they got married.

“I would have backed out because that is like a big red flag,” Danielle said. “And that’s why I think Nicole sat back and re-examined the situation. Because what I’ve seen, when he and Nicole were talking about it, and he was just laughing about it like it was no big deal, that was disheartening. I felt bad for her because that’s not a laughing matter. And it’s not a joke.”

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