Tough times! Danielle Jbali and Paul Staehle have both admitted they are having money issues over the last week, despite being multi-season veterans and fan-favorites from the hit TV show 90 Day Fiancé. The daddy-to-be was reportedly struggling to afford plane tickets and baggage fees to Brazil, while Danielle revealed that she’s on the verge of being evicted from her mobile home park.

Paul, 35, is reportedly trying to return to Brazil to be with his pregnant wife Karine, with the hopes of then returning back to the United States. He recently began offering signed photos for any size “donation” in hopes of making some extra cash for his return trip to Brazil, according to Starcasm, but he faced a lot of backlash from fans who thought he was “asking for handouts.”

The reality star also took to his Instagram Stories and thanked those who “mailed the Christmas gifts and donations” for Karine. Paul noted how American Airlines has dramatically increased the baggage rate. “Anyone willing to contribute towards shipping cost, we will mail a thank you family autographed photo when we return,” he added.


Meanwhile, Danielle also recently took to Instagram to share her story, after briefly opening up about her money woes via Facebook. The TLC star said that she works two jobs and is also going to school full-time, and unfortunately she’s struggled to make ends meet and got behind on her lot rent. Danielle, 45, said she worked her tail off doing “cameos, promoting products, and selling products” to come up with the cash for her balance and the past due amount.

“The mobile home park took me to court and I came up with the money, but it is the matter of them accepting it or not. If they don’t accept it, I will have to leave the home I own and find a way to move my trailer out of the park,” she explained. Watch the video below for more details and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

During a recent interview, Danielle also revealed that her TV gig isn’t as lucrative as people might believe. On top of that, like most people, she’s got a lot of expenses. “I bought my trailer with cash. I had to pay a lawyer to do the divorce,” she told blogger John Yates. “My trailer is used and it’s a fixer-upper. I had to put money into it before moving into it. I put a down payment on a car. We don’t make tons of money from TLC on this show. I don’t know what people are talking about.”

Paul and Danielle aren’t the only stars getting creative to make some extra dough. Jon and Rachel Walters have tried raising money online so they could be together. They also joined the likes of David and Annie Toborowsky, and other franchise stars utilizing the Cameo app, where for a fee, they create personalized video messages for fans of the show. At least they’re trying new things!

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