Life hasn’t been easy for Danielle Jbali over the last few months. The 90 Day Fiancé star opened up about her money woes in a heartfelt statement shared to her Facebook page on Dec. 1. Danielle revealed that no matter how hard she tries, it feels like she can “never get ahead.”

“Well, I need to address something,” Danielle wrote after revealing she got behind on rent. “I shared something on my private Facebook and it got out. People are judging really hard and don’t know the whole story. So I will set the record straight.” Watch the video above to see what she said and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Danielle Jbali 90 Day Fiance

The TLC star said that she works two jobs and is also pursuing a higher education by going to school full-time, in hopes of securing a better position in the future. “One job I work eight hours as a home health aide and the other job I take care of mentally handicapped adults and that job cut my hours down to 20 due to only one client being at the house and a full time staff came back to work from medical leave,” Danielle explained.

Danielle, 45, said she worked her tail off doing “cameos, what hours I work, promoting products, and selling products” to come up with the cash for her lot rent and the past due amount. “The mobile home park took me to court and I came up with the money, but it is the matter of them accepting it or not. If they don’t accept it, I will have to leave the home I own and find a way to move my trailer out of the park,” she claimed in another post, while also firing back at her haters. “I did not ask for money in my original post, I asked for prayers. I had a friend approach me to see if she could start a GoFundMe,” Danielle wrote.

Fans have been shading Danielle for blowing through her 90 Day Fiancé money, but she cleared the air during a recent interview. “I bought my trailer with cash. I had to pay a lawyer to do the divorce,” she explained while chatting with blogger John Yates. “My trailer is used and it’s a fixer-upper. I had to put money into it before moving into it. I put a down payment on a car. We don’t make tons of money from TLC on this show. I don’t know what people are talking about. I bought things that I needed and did things I needed.”

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