All she wants for Christmas… is to go home! 90 Day Fiancé star Karine Martins had a highly public breakup recently with Paul Staehle after he accused her of cheating on him, but now it appears all is well once more. Earlierf this month, the 34-year-old started a GoFundMe for his fiancée so that she can see her family — who lives in Brazil — for Chrismas, however, it was met with backlash from fans. Now that they’ve recieved nearly more than a third of their goal, the reality star gave fans an update on how they’re spending the funds.

“We really appreciate all who have helped us so far. Karine is very excited to return home for Christmas. Hopefully, all the gifts she sent already were saved for Christmas day,” he wrote in a Facebook status. “She was very thoughtful selecting her gifts. And wrapped them all making individual equal gift packs for each person she bought for…now she might actually get to travel to see them enjoy the gifts has her very excited.”

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During a recent breakup, Paul revealed that he had found Karine cheating on him with other men by exchanging racy messages on Facebook and he deactivated his account shortly after their split and took down the GoFundMe page. But once they got back together, he reactivated his Facebook account and the fundraiser, and he explained why he needed to raise money for Karine so that she could visit her family.

On Nov. 21, he wrote, “FAQ: If you make so much money from tv why do you have a donation account for Karine? We are treated very good by production. Also yes we do get paid. However our story is extremely expensive and difficult for production. It costs production probably more on our story than any other couple. We had 2 full production teams American and a Brazilian team . 24 7 Federal security officers and 24 7 translators. Flights for crew and equipment and visas . Production budget was pushed to the max and than some . As for our money we made. Production is not allowed to pay for any travel , lodging , on screen translators, or in any way Aid in the Visa process or pay towards any of it . So all this was financed and paid with me and Karine’s money. We really enjoy filming and will continue to film for all to enjoy and learn from our well my many mistakes along this crazy journey .Production has done all they could to make recent filming a very positive experience. I hope everyone really enjoys the continuation of our story next season. I can not Thank production and our positive supporters enough ???”

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The fundraiser — which has since been deleted — stated, “Money is for round-trip travel for Karine to go to Tonantins to visit her family for Christmas and be able to buy them all gifts. Anyone that knows Karine knows she has a heart of pure gold and her family is her number one priority. Spending of any funds from here will be documented via self-took pictures and self-made videos. This is for travel from Manaus to Tonantins. This is not for international travel. Any money over travel costs Karine will use for gifts. The gift shopping, travel, and exchanging of gifts and family Christmas will all be self-documented with self-produced videos and pictures.”

In October, Karine took to Instagram live on to reveal that she and Paul were back together. Although Karine doesn’t know much English, a “reporter” — whose second language is English — said that Paul is currently living in a rented house with Karine in Brazil after they “canceled the visa process.” Karine reportedly stated that the two are trying a different visa, but the process is expensive. Although she didn’t go into detail about what the other visa options may be, Paul could be looking into staying in Brazil permanently, after all, Karine never wanted to live in the US. Plus, given the fact that the money from her fundraiser “is not for international travel,” it can be assumed that the two are, indeed, living together.

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