From couples disagreeing about religion to money, the 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 4 stars only continue to hit major obstacles during episode 4.

With Ani and Kyle arguing about sperm donation and Adriano’s obsession with threesomes, what happened during the newest installment of the spinoff?

Luke and Madelein

Luke arrived in Colombia and his finances are taking center stage. The U.S. native took Madelein on a more lowkey date than he normally would’ve taken her. During the outing, Luke dropped the bombshell that he emptied his retirement fund and used the $30,000 to develop sunglasses. This angered Madelein, who worried that they would both “end up homeless” and emphasized that her partner would not take her down “with him.”

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The bombshells only continued when Luke revealed he wouldn’t be moving to Colombia to live with Madelein, who then stormed out during a coffee massage.

Adriano and Alex

It’s Alex’s second day in Italy and her cousin Tiffany met up with the couple for dinner. The evening started rocky as Tiffany asked Adriano to pray over the food, to which he responded, “That’s a bit touchy.”

Adriano said he doesn’t believe “in anything,” which prompted Tiffany to ask her cousin if she had an issue with this.

“Right now, I’m OK with it but I do see it being a problem,” Alex replied. In a private confessional, she added, “Having a relationship with God is a big part of who I am and it is very important to my family. Up until now, I haven’t thought about how it would affect our relationship or our future together. So it’s not a deal breaker for me, just yet.”

Tiffany also brought up the subject of their infamous threesomes, which Adriano defended by using the Roman empire as an example. “Like the sexuality was free,” he responded. “And maybe one day it’s gonna do back.”

The next day, Alex and Adriano explore Italy together and the topic of their future children came up during conversation. While Alex told Adriano that she would like to raise their kids in the church, she worried if her partner completely understood the Black experience as they would be raising biracial children in the future.

Ani and Kyle

While Ani was upset after finding out Kyle donated sperm through sex in Australia, the pair went on a romantic dinner cruise during episode 4. In an awkward interaction, Kyle told Ani how she earned a kiss according to his point system.

“You ate healthy tonight, you got a point for that. You look sexy tonight, you get some points for that. You have three points,” Kyle replied. “You get one kiss.”

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The next day, Ani and Kyle went shopping and the German native brought up Kyle’s recent sperm donation, calling it an “addiction.”

“Who are you? Like, you’re the savior of the world? That you have to give all women babies?” she asked him. “I don’t want my boyfriend to donate that.”

Kyle simply said he “didn’t know what to say,” before Ani stormed out of the clothing store.

Alliya and Shawn

Shawn continued to struggle with Alliya’s transition after arriving in Brazil. The pair visited a floating restaurant where Shawn confessed to Alliya that he was still invested in Douglas. He emphasized that Alliya’s new personality was a major contrast to Douglas’ former quiet and shy demeanor.

“You need to know that Douglas is actually the past. Alliya is the present, and that’s it,” Alliya responded. In a private confessional, she added, “He’s trying to bring out all that’s feelings that I want to put in the past because not [that’s] not part of my life anymore.”

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