Is he cheating? 90 Day Fiancé star Lisa Hamme, a.k.a. “Baby Girl Lisa,” called out fiancé Usman “Sojaboy” Umar for talking to a “whore on f–king messenger” during the Sunday, May 17, episode of Before the 90 Days. All of the female attention the rapper gets has been a recurring problem for the couple, but this time around it escalated to the point that the couple almost called the wedding off.

The drama started after Lisa, 52, discovered Facebook messages between Usman, 32, and a woman he claims is both a fan and friend. When she decided to confront him, she didn’t hold back. “You think you’re a wannabe player. Let me tell you something. I’ve been watching her for f–king months on Facebook. This is a stupid bitch that put a sad emoji when you posted something to me,” she said. “Earlier this evening, I tried to activate my WIFI off his phone and it opened to his messenger and I saw this one woman saying, ‘I love you.’ … Who in the f–k do you think you’re playing with, Usman?”

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Star Lisa Hamma Accuses Usman Sojaboy Umar of Cheating With Other Women

The issue escalated further as the American insisted she “will not be humiliated” by her future husband “writing point blank, ‘I love you,’” to another woman. “I need to make sure he’s been faithful to me because, if not, there’s going to be no Usman and I.” Speaking to the rapper directly, she continued, “You’re sticking to me and using me while you’re f–king some bitch here in Nigeria while I’m 7,000 miles away. … You either block them and clean up that f–king page tonight or we’re not getting married.”

Though Lisa has been cheated on before, she eventually believed Usman’s explanation that he tells plenty of fans he loves them, but it doesn’t mean they’re all his girlfriends. “I am an entertainer. You know it. Earlier, before now. Some girls, if I post, they used to talk. Meanwhile, I don’t even know them,” he told her. “So if you are going to check on my phone and see things that [make] you think … that maybe I’m dating the lady, then you are going to break this relationship quick.”

Though they didn’t walk down the aisle by the end of the episode, leaked footage from the tell-all finale reveals the couple did tie the knot. However, their rocky relationship continued even after the wedding, including Usman alleging Lisa called him the n-word. They may have gotten married, but whether or not they’re still together isn’t yet clear.

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