It sounds like this romance is enough to spark a family feud! Eric and Leida were one of the six couples that were introduced during the Season 6 premiere of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé, and the couple is already facing multiple obstacles that could prevent them from walking down the aisle. Not only is there quite an age difference on top of cultural and lifestyle differences, but Eric will also have to navigate a rocky relationship between Leida and his family.

Eric, 40, explained that he met Leida, 29, after posting an ad on an international dating site. Leida, who is from Indonesia, was one of the first women that responded to Eric’s ad and they ended up hitting it off. Eric traveled to Indonesia to meet Leida in person for the first time and he proposed to her only two days later. In his confessional, he admitted that he was nervous for Leida to come to America because she was used to living a very wealthy lifestyle, and he was also unsure about how Leida and her five-year-old son Alessandro will blend into his family — which included co-parenting his three daughters with his ex-wife. But it didn’t help that Leida was not open to meeting Eric’s ex-wife.

“Do you want to know what her issue was? It’s the child support. She hasn’t quite grasped the idea that it’s a court-issued support payment. She’s had an issue with the fact that I have to pay you money,” Eric explained to his ex-wife over a family dinner. He said that Leida didn’t understand why he had to pay his ex-wife money every month to care for their youngest daughter, because it’s a cultural difference. Leida’s ex-husband does not pay her child support because there’s no such thing in Indonesia. But Eric said he hoped that Leida will understand that he would continue to make sure his daughter is taken care of financially.

It also seems like Leida will have an issue with Eric’s 19-year-old daughter — and he might have to choose between being there as a father for his kids or making his new wife happy.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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