Beware! 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After star Larissa Dos Santos Lima issued a warning to ex-husband Colt Johnson‘s new girlfriend, Jess Caroline. The two Brazilian women spoke one-on-one for the first time during a tense phone call on the Sunday, July 5 episode.

“I saw online he was dating, and this girl is also Brazilian. I believe he tricked her like he tricked me at first,” Larissa said during her confessional. “She should know Colt is a womanizer. He’s manipulative and I believe, like, she should think a little bit before being involved with him.”

90 day fiance larissa warns jess about colt
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Larissa messaged Jess on social media and they agreed to set up a phone call. When Jess picked up, Larissa wasted no time getting to the point of their conversation. “I have some things to tell you about Colt,” she said.

Even though Jess told Larissa Colt told her bad things about her, Larissa continued. “Jess, Colt is a demon. I know that everything is perfect with him from the beginning but he changed and he turned into someone mean you know?” Larissa said. Jess said she believes Colt is a good person and a good guy, but Larissa believes otherwise.

“Colt’s like a whale that everyone looks [at] and feels, ‘Oh he’s so cute, that animal, look,’ but he’s very dangerous. And we are Brazilian, so she should be worried that Colt can try to sabotage her status like he did to me,” Larissa said in her confessional.

Larissa told Jess that since she’s an immigrant, she should be careful with her legal status in the United States. Jess asked Larissa if she thinks Colt wanted to deport both Larissa and Jess. Larissa said Colt wanted to deport her.

90 Day Fiancé Larissa Accomplished Criminal Assault Case
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The brunette beauty said she knows she’s “a little bit crazy” and has previous arrests, but she genuinely wanted to warn Jess about the type of man she’s involved with. “I look at your profile and I see that you are a good girl. So I don’t want that to happen [to you] the same thing that happened to me,” she said.

Jess said this was too much information for her to process all at once. She said to her, Colt is “cute” and says nice things to her. But Larissa challenged Jess’ perception of the Las Vegas resident.

“Just answer me some questions. Is Colt hiding his phone from you? Once in a while, you cannot see what he texts?” Larissa asked. Jess replied, “Yes.” Larissa sighed and said, “Congratulations. Welcome to the club.”

In her confessional, Larissa opened up more about her experience with the computer programmer. “While I was married to Colt, he was very shady. Colt was trying to talk to other women. And I believe Colt cheated on me. Colt is nasty, so Jessica should be careful and don’t trust him anymore,” she claimed. Colt previously denied cheating on Larissa during their marriage.

90 Day Fiance' Star Colt Johnson Fuels Engagement Rumors With New Brazilian GF
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Larissa told Jess that Colt is a “geeky player” and that everyone thinks he’s a “saint.” She also brought up the issue of Colt’s mother, Debbie Johnson. Jess hasn’t met her yet, but Larissa issued another warning. “Be careful, she’s a wolf. She is like, insane.”

Even though Larissa seemed to come from a place of concern, she admitted her intentions about contacting Jess might not be as pure. “I feel as a woman and older than Jessica, I can make her know about what [happened] from my perspective and she [can] figure out what she can do with this. Also, I want to pay back what Colt did to me,” she said in her confessional. “If I can stop him [from doing] this with other women, I’m going to do [it]. It can be [called] sabotage, it can [be] called any name, but I’m not going to be quiet when I know who Colt is. I don’t know if Jessica is going to listen to me, I feel like Colt might poison her heart. But worth the try. Let’s see if Colt can win this war.”

Jess told Larissa that she still wanted to continue her relationship with Colt because she loves him and wants to make it work between them. “Well good luck with your love, but remember my words, okay?” Larissa said before Jess hung up the phone.

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