90 Day Fiancé stars Kenny Niedermeier and his husband, Armando Rubio, haven’t seen eye to eye when it comes to having children. While Armando wants to expand their family, Kenny has argued that he’s too old to have another baby. So, how many ​children does Kenny have?

Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Kenny Niedermeier Have Kids?

Kenny is the proud father to four adult children. He is the father to one son, Bricen, as well as triplet daughters, Madison, Cassidy and Taylor.

The TLC personality was never married to the mother of his children and his kids were born via in-vitro fertilization. However, he said he and his kids’ mother – who was a friend – pretended to be married because IVF treatments were only offered to heterosexual couples in the 1990s.

 Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Kenny Have Grandchildren?

Not only is Kenny a father, but he is also a grandfather.

During the August 21 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Kenny learned that he was about to have three grandchildren when Taylor revealed she was pregnant.

“Wow, I can see pregnancy agrees with you because you really are glowing big time. I can see it,” he told his daughter. “Well, I’m very happy for you and I can’t believe I’m a Grampy times three.”

While he was thrilled by the news, Kenny also noted that living in Mexico City with Armando would prevent him from experiencing milestone moments with his grandchildren.

“I have four children. I have two grandchildren at this time and seeing the very first picture, the very first sonogram of what is soon to be my next grandbaby. Love it. It fills my heart,” the TV personality said in a confessional. “It also saddens me a little bit because you know, I am constantly reminded when I see things like this that I’m missing so much.”

Kenny then promised Taylor that he would “try to come back as much as possible” before he jokingly added, “I want to see you get fat and your feet swollen.”

Do ‘90 Day Fiance Stars Kenny and Armando ​Have Children?

Fans have watched the couple debate over whether or not they want to have kids together during season 5 of the reality show. While Armando – who shares daughter Hannah with his late wife – wants more children, Kenny has admitted he thinks he’s too old.

90 Day Fiance’ Star Kenny Niedermeier Is the Proud Father to Four Children: Meet His Kids
Courtesy of Kenny Niedermeier/Instagram

“It’s been a back and forth issue,” Kenny told Taylor about the situation. “Armando really wants to, and I wanted to let him achieve everything he wants to achieve and I think we’d be a great team on it because I’ve always loved having children, but you never think you’re at a point where you have to admit maybe that you’re just too old to keep doing it.”

Later on in the episode, Kenny revealed that their conflicting feelings about parenthood made him question his relationship with Armando.

“This is where the age difference really plays a part in our relationship because he’s at the age where people have children. I’m not,” he said. “It’s like sometimes I feel like I’m walking a tightrope because I have a husband who I really want to make happy. This is one of the only times I felt like maybe that I’m not the right person for him.”

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