The drama is real! 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stars Jenny Slatten and Yara Zaya slammed “rude” Ed “Big Ed” Brown during part four of the season 7 tell-all special on Sunday, January 22.

“Why don’t you be quiet?” Jenny, 63, shouted in a moment of rage after Ed, 57, called Yara’s husband, Jovi Dufren, a “crybaby,” adding, “I’ve had enough of this guy. [He] insults everybody. You have insulted everybody, every cast member up here. You insult everyone. What the hell is so perfect about you?”

'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?': Biggest Bombshells From Season 7 Tell-All
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Jenny, who is usually very composed, told Ed to “kiss my ass” after he said she already had her “turn” to speak. “My turn is whenever I want. My turn is not when you tell me,” she continued, noting that the photographer was “the worst thing” she’s ever met.

Yara, 27, jumped to Jenny’s defense after Ed told the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way alum to “shut up,” telling him that he was “seriously” being “so rude” to everyone. 

Jovi, 33, stayed relatively quiet while on stage. However, he later told Ed during a car ride with the cast to get post-show drinks that he would have gotten his “ass kicked” for the way he spoke to the women if they weren’t in a room full of people. Ed was apologetic in the moment but later told Jovi he was done talking about it when the Louisiana native tried to continue their conversation. 

After Ed rubbed the cast the wrong way, Jenny sat down with Ed’s on-again, off-again fiancée, Liz Woods, and urged her to leave him for good after he previously broke up with her eight times and was caught lying about being on an Asian dating app. 

“Clearly, Ed doesn’t give a s—t,” Liz, 29, said during a confessional. “He’s a liar, he’ll never change his behavior, period. I deserve better.”

Liz and Ed’s time during the tell-all was completely separate. They did not arrive or leave the taping together and stayed in separate hotel rooms. She admitted that she was relieved about not living with Ed after previously revealing that they were no longer cohabitating, and she acknowledged that their relationship was “not going to work.” 

“Ed and I are done, for good this time, I swear,” she told cameras. “This is the last breakup. I’m gonna go back home, and I’m gonna live a good life. I’m gonna be happy, I’m gonna put Liz first, and I’m looking forward to it.”

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