She’s not against the queen this time! 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Dos Santos Lima had quite the rocky relationship with her husband Colt Johnson‘s mother Debbie Johnson, and the ladies often butted heads throughout the season. But looks like Larissa and Debbie have been able to come together as a family and work on their mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship — and since family stands by each other through thick and thin, that’s exactly what Debbie is doing now. She took to Instagram on Sunday, Jan. 6, shortly after Part 1 of the explosive 90 Day Fiancé tell-all aired to defend Larissa after Larissa got into a very heated fight with her co-star Fernanda Flores.

“I am so proud of my daughter-in-law. Watching tonight’s episode, she is truly a self-confident, strong, fiery lady. She has a heart of gold and the temperament of a wildcat. She stands for what she believes and she will never back down. Larissa is a one of a kind woman and she will never let you down. I’m proud to be her mother-in-law. I love the fact that she is my son’s wife. Love you sweet girl 💕,” Debbie wrote in the caption of a handful of photos of Larissa.

It’s nice to see that Debbie has Larissa’s back — even after Debbie herself has come into contact with Larissa’s “fiery” side. During the 90 days leading up to Larissa and Colt’s wedding, his mom and his wife-to-be definitely did not see eye-to-eye at times: from choosing furniture for their living room, to Larissa’s desire for Debbie to move out of the home that she shared with Colt.

The tension came to a boiling point after Colt’s cousin John tried to defend Debbie and urged Larissa to reconsider kicking her mother-in-law to the curb. Larissa and John got into a very heated argument, and afterward, Larissa accused Debbie of feeding lies about her to John to make him blow up at her. But now that Colt and Larissa are officially married, it looks like Debbie was able to fully welcome Larissa into the family.

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