A shoulder to lean on. 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) took to Instagram on Monday, April 13 to reflect on the season finale of The Family Chantel. While season 1 aired on TLC as a marathon, she revealed how her husband, Pedro Jimeno, was a rock for her after a fight with Jimeno family friend Coraima Morla.

Chantel, 29, shared a video with fans asking them to leave a comment sharing their favorite moments from The Family Chantel season 1.  “When Pedro piggybacked you at the end of the season I thought it was sweet that he made you take off your heels. He wanted you to feel happy and more comfortable,” one fan wrote. “I really needed him then,” Chantel replied.

90 day fiance chantel needed pedro
Courtesy of Chantel Jimeno/Instagram

Another fan agreed that the piggyback scene was their favorite. “In that moment, you could tell y’all really love each other. I adore you and Pedro together!!” they wrote. “In that moment, I did not know if he was chatting to that other girl or what so I was relieved when he came to me,” Chantel explained.

As fans recall, Chantel confronted Coraima during the season finale. Coraima is close friends with Pedro’s sister, Nicole, and they both spent time together while Pedro, 28, visited his home country of the Dominican Republic. During a wild night out, Pedro was caught on video dancing a little too provocatively with Coraima. Nicole seemed to hint that she was trying to set Coraima up with Pedro, and Coraima was very open about the fact that she was attracted to Pedro.

90 day fiance chantel pedro relieved
Courtesy of Chantel Jimeno/Instagram

Chantel visited Pedro in the Dominican Republic and requested a sit down with Coriama, Nicole and Pedro so that Pedro could tell Coraima to back off. The meeting started off on a tense note when Chantel refused to pronounce Coraima’s name correctly and it ended when Chantel threw her drink at Coraima before storming off.

“I feel embarrassed. I just got so mad and I just lost control,” Chantel said in her confessional after the fight as she started to cry. “Because every time when Pedro tries to take me out dancing or something, it’s just etched in my mind. The way she was sitting in his lap and the things that she said. To hear those things come out of her mouth was really really hard for me and I lost control.”

At that moment, Pedro walked into Chantel’s confessional shot and started to console his wife. “That’s OK, that’s OK,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and Chantel continued to cry. “Calm down, I love you, OK? That’s OK, come here,” he said.

She apologized to her husband for “messing everything up” as he kissed her forehead. He took the blame for the situation. “I got you,” Pedro told Chantel. “I got your back.”

“I know you have no control sometimes, but that’s fine,” Pedro continued. “We are human, OK? I [fought] with your brother, you know? We tried to fix the things, to now. We try to fix it [the] same way. That’s OK. Forget this. I love you so much.” Pedro then picked up Chantel’s shoes from the floor and carried her away on his back.

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