She’s defending herself! On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Ashley revealed that her relationship with her fiancé Jay led to an unfortunate falling out between her and her best friend Natalie. Since then, the former besties have been taking jabs at each other on social media, and Ashley even accused Natalie of leaking stories about her past, seemingly in an attempt to hurt her. Now, in a statement provided to In Touch, Natalie exclusively shared her side of the story and shed some light on their feud.

“Let’s get a few things straight. There have been misleading posts about myself, as far as these accusations go I have not made any posts regarding any of Ashley’s personal past,” Natalie exclusively revealed to In Touch. “I also have not thrown any type of shade or dirt about Jay and Ashley to any publicist or tabloid or sold any story! The accusations they have accused me of are lies. Ashley’s post of our text conversation is very misleading.”

On Monday, Nov. 12, Ashley shared a now-deleted screenshot of a text message conversation between her and Natalie that seemed to show Natalie bringing up a painful memory from Ashley’s past, seemingly to throw it in her face. But Natalie explained that that’s not how it went down.

90 day fiance ashley natalie feud

“Let’s break down the facts — the conversation was from the day after the first episode aired,” Natalie told In Touch. “She had friends over to her house to watch and I was not in attendance by choice, as Christian and I were hosting our own watch party. The following morning was when this conversation occurred and she was upset with me.  I simply sent the photo as a way to implement a reminder of who had always been there for her by saying, ‘Remember when it was really bad.’ Meaning when I was there for her through all of her rough times just as I have been for all the years we have been friends. I was only trying to reiterate that I am one if not the only person that has always been there for her.”

“What she is failing to show you in the screenshot is the conversation before and after the photo,” Natalie continued. “I at no point stated I was trying to put out any details of her life or made any type of statement that I would post or sell any of her past. I never said anything in that context. She is claiming I did all of this but is providing no proof of me doing any of these things. Instead, Ashley and Jay are both trying to discredit me by low blowing my name and using anything they can against me — including posting criminal history records to make me look bad. Jay posted my criminal background claiming that because I sold Ashley’s story to the tabloid. He wrote, “Here’s some attention for your a–!”

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As In Touch previously reported, Jay did share a screenshot of Natalie’s criminal history. In the Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland County docket obtained by In Touch, Natalie was charged with two counts of retail theft and one count of disorderly conduct last year. But Natalie explained the details about what led to her run-in with the law.

“Continuing to be malicious and deceitful, they leak a court docket of an incident which involves a mutual friend of Ashley and I,” Natalie explained to In Touch. “At the time of this incident our mutual friend was struggling with an ongoing addiction problem, unfortunately, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was arrested at that time and the charges were then changed and worked out in court. The fact that Ashley is collaborating with Jay leaking any information is preposterous. After seeing Ashley’s deceptive post, I had to set the record straight with the truth.💯 #facts”

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