This is getting downright nasty. On this week’s episode of TLC’s hit reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé, Ashley revealed that she had a falling out with her best friend Natalie after Natalie attempted to stir up some drama in Ashley’s relationship with her fiancé, Jay. But the former besties quickly took their feud from the TV to the phone screen and they took turns taking jabs at each other on social media. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Ashley accused Natalie of bringing up an awful incident from her past, seemingly using it to hurt Ashley amid their feud.

Ashley shared a screenshot of an alleged text message conversation between her and Natalie. “You’re better [than] this,” Natalie allegedly wrote, then sent Ashley a photo of herself with what seems to be a black eye. The 31-year-old explained why that move was particularly hurtful in her caption.

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“Since I cut Natalie out of my life, she has been messaging me non stop! The last message I received was what I posted,” Ashley wrote. “It’s a photo of me after my ex-fiancé beat me up badly. I left him and pressed charges. I got a PFA against him and he spent time in jail. He never cheated on me. I said that because this is something that is very personal. She literally saved this photo from years ago, a photo I don’t even have anymore. I’m posting this because Natalie is literally posting every detail of my s–tty past. I know this is coming next.”

Last week, someone close to Ashley allegedly leaked a heartbreaking story about her past, which revealed that she was kidnapped when she was 19 years old. It seems like Ashley believes that her ex-best friend Natalie is the one who is leaking information about her in retaliation after Ashley cut Natalie out of her bridal party for her wedding to Jay. But that’s not the only piece of information Ashley thinks Natalie leaked.

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“Also, Natalie just announced to the world that I had a hysterectomy and Jay is going to leave me because I cannot give him children,” Ashley continued. “Due to cancerous cells, I was forced to undergo a hysterectomy at age 26. We can use a surrogate if finances are there in the future. The possibility of us not having our own biological child is there. Thank you for sharing the most personal and extremely sensitive details of my life. Natalie, your [sic] the worst person I ever met! I’ll pray for you because you truly need help. I remained silent when she leaked my kidnapping story, when she posted me and my friends without our consent. The same friends who I am indeed still friends with minus her. This is the last time I will mention her name or give her any ounce of attention. There it is everyone all my skeletons are out. Now can we just go back to the show! #survivor #domesticviolence #infertilitysucks.”

In a statement provided to In Touch, Natalie denied the claims Ashley made against her. “There have been misleading posts about myself, as far as these accusations go I have not made any posts regarding any of Ashley’s personal past,” Natalie exclusively revealed to In Touch. “I also have not thrown any type of shade or dirt about Jay and Ashley to any publicist or tabloid or sold any story! The accusations they have accused me of are lies.”

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