Now we ain’t saing she’s a gold digger! 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Arkhipchenko is definitely one of the franchise’s best villains, and it’s because she’s not afraid to be brutally honest. She’s been extremely forthcoming from the start about the nature of her relationship with her husband Jorge Nava — spoiler alert, she’s with him because of his money. Anfisa shared a quote on Instagram that seemed to further solidify her reputation as a “gold digger,” and she immediately got dragged by her haters in the comments. Watch the video above to see the quote that got her followers all riled up!

When Anfisa was first introduced to fans during Season 4 cast of 90 Day Fiancé, she openly admitted that the only reason why she responded to Jorge’s messages on Facebook is because he told her he had a lot of money and could provide her with the luxurious life she was dreaming of — she even boldly told Jorge that once they were married, she expected to have a monthly allowance of $10,000 to keep up with her lifestyle.

jorge and anfisa

But Anfisa quickly learned that even though Jorge did tell the truth about his job as an entreprenuer in the medical marijuana field, he lied about how much money he made and the state of his fiances — which included lots of debt. The lies that Jorge told in the very beginning of his relationship with Anfisa caused a lot of issues in their marriage, so much that they were even separated for an undisclosed amount of time last year.

It looks like they were able to work through their issues, and the couple is still together — and Jorge somehow found a way to afford Anfisa’s lavish demands. Earlier this month, Anfisa revealed she spent nearly $1,374 in clothes and she showed off her April shopping haul in a vlog for her YouTube channel.

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