Who’s your daddy?!

For as long people have been obsessed with Hollywood and celebrities, there have been some groupies people who have claimed to have gotten pregnant by these famous men — and, as it turns out, some of them are actually right!

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There are plenty of famous men who have clean about their love children — aka children who are not only born out of wedlock, but also to two people who aren’t even in a relationship!

While some of these mens have come forward about having affairs (we’re lookin’ at you, Arnold Schwarzenegger), others have gotten women pregnant following one-night-stands (ahem, Pauly D)!

Of course, these digressions may not have represented the highest points in these dudes’ lives, there’s no denying that something great came out of their slip-ups — children!

As recently as last month, the former governor admitted that he does still think about his affair and often has regrets — but has always insisted that he’s taken care of his child, Joseph.

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“The important thing that everyone should know is that I take care of him and I take care of his mother,” he said in 2012. “And I fulfill my responsibility and I’m glad to do that.”

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