7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston is hard at work. But how much money does he make?

The father of five rose to fame on his reality show, which follows Trent, his wife Amber Johnston and their kids, Jonah, Anna, Elizabeth, Alex and Emma in their everyday lives. Recently, the TV star made a big career change, prompting many fans to wonder about his net worth.

What Is Trent’s Net Worth?

With a large house and a thriving family, it seems Trent and his family are living comfortably. According to multiple reports, Trent’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 to $5 million.

How Does Trent Make Money?

Trent makes money from his TV show, 7 Little Johnstons, but the reality star also has a day job!

For five years, Trent worked as a ground supervisor at Clayton State University. However, in season 10, he announced that he wasn’t happy with his job and finally quit in 2021.

“At work, it’s just been a [mix] of antics, and management, and things that I just haven’t been agreeing with for probably the last year, year and a half,” Trent said in an episode, “I need a change.”

He also noted, “Comments have been made before that we’re just grass cutters.”

Even Amber said that “things have been kind of rough lately at work” for her husband and noted that work was “really, really, really starting to get to him.”

7 Little Johnstons Star Trent Johnston Has a Big Net Worth 295

Trent Johnston.

Trent eventually got a job as a car salesman, like his oldest child, Jonah.

Unfortunately, his new career was off to a rough start, and in one episode, he even asked Jonah for advice. “I haven’t sold a car in 12 days so I got to change up some strategies,” he said, noting that it’s “aggravating” to see fellow car salesmen closing deals when he is not.

Salary.com estimates that a car salesman in Georgia is expected to make approximately $46,000 annually.

Meanwhile, it’s not known exactly how much the family makes from 7 Little Johnstons, but television producer Terence Michael told E! News in 2009 that reality TV show stars earn about 10 percent of a TV show’s budget. It’s estimated that the Duggars earned between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode of their TLC show so the Johnston’s earnings would likely be comparable.

Trent and Amber also make money on Cameo. They offer custom videos for $100 each, a moderate price for the site.

Trent Johnston Owns Property

Trent and his family currently live 3,660 square foot home in Forsyth, Georgia. According to Zillow, the massive home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a pool. The home, which is on a 9.47-acre lot, cost the family $417,000 when they bought it in 2017.

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