Brice Bolden, the boyfriend of Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston, has appeared on multiple seasons of 7 Little Johnstons. He’s known for his laid-back demeanor and for moving in with Liz despite her parents Amber and Trent Johnston’s concerns. Now that he and Liz welcomed their first baby together, fans want to know more about the reality star and what he does for work.

What Is ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Star Brice Bolden’s Job?

Brice is known to have multiple hobbies, including fishing and collecting taxidermy. However, his job — beyond being on the TLC show — is a mystery.

While it’s unclear what kind of job Brice has, it seems his work isn’t particularly lucrative, as his financial standing has been a subject of discussion on the series.

In season 11 of 7 Little Johnstons, Liz and Brice talked to her parents about the pair moving in together. At the time, the young couple seemed confident about their decision to share a home, however, Liz later revealed that Brice was not able to move in with her because of his financial situation.

“He doesn’t want me to pay for like rent and utilities even when he does move in,” Liz told Amber. “He wants to do it the right way and he wants to be able to have enough money so that way when he moves in, he can take care of rent, utilities, and all his bills.”

The reality star added that Brice was “steadily getting his savings up but he just wants it to be where, when he moves out, he won’t have to move back in with his parents.”

Little Johnstons Brice Job
Courtesy of Brice Bolden/Instagram

In a confessional, Amber noted that Liz got her career and savings account in order “much earlier” than Brice.

It seems Liz is currently the breadwinner in the relationship, working as a nurse as she attends graduate school.

In one episode of 7 Little Johnstons, Liz and Brice go house shopping and Liz suggests that their decision to rent or buy a property is based off of her savings. “We’ve talked about maybe renting,” she says. “We’re also looking at houses that we can buy just because I’ve been saving up a lot of money.”

What Else Does Brice Do For A Living?

Brice is on 7 Little Johnstons and is likely earning income from his appearances.

In 2009, television producer Terence Michael told E! News that reality TV show stars earn about 10 percent of a TV show’s allocated budget per episode. It’s estimated that the Duggar family earned between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode of their TLC show in the 2000s.

One might assume the Johnstons earn a similar figure, but it’s not known how that payment is distributed between the stars.

Where Did Brice Go to School?

Like Liz, Brice attended Mary Persons High School in Forsyth, Georgia. He graduated in May 2019. He celebrated the accomplishment by posting a sweet photo on Instagram of him and Liz posing as Brice wore a graduation cap and gown.

When Did Brice and Liz Welcome Baby No. 1?

Brice and Liz became parents when they welcomed baby No. 1, a daughter named Leighton Drew Bolden, on November 3, 2023.

“The wait is finally over! We’re excited to introduce our baby to the world,” the couple told People while sharing the first photos of the newborn.

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