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1000-Lb. Best Friends Love the Beach! See Their Bikini Photos and Swimsuit Moments

The cast members of 1000-Lb. Best Friends embraced their beauty by hitting the beach together in season 1! In one episode that aired in March 2022, Meghan CrumplerTina Arnold and Vannessa Cross enjoyed the ocean views and talked amongst themselves about wearing swimsuits for their outing.

“I’m in awe right now,” Meghan told the cameras about her sandy day with her pals. “I mean, yeah, I almost broke my neck a few times walking down the sand, but I freaking made it to the beach.”

After initially feeling hesitant about unveiling her red floral-print swimsuit top, Tina and Vannessa encouraged Meghan to reveal her stylish choice, with Tina calling it “adorable.” And after Meghan admitted she didn’t “want people to be afraid” of her, Vanessa offered her perspective on the situation.

“Why are you hiding anything, baby?” Vanessa said. “You’re beautiful, don’t hide nothing. Let me tell you something, baby, it’s taken a lot for me to show up with nothing but my bikini on.”

Later on, Vanessa explained to Meghan her thought process on the matter during their confessional.

“Don’t get me wrong, Meghan, I hate my rolls, but my brain tells me, ‘This is what you got,’” Vanessa said. “I understand [your] struggles, and that bothers me to my core.”

Next, Meghan admitted that she gets “anxiety just talking about” her self-perception on her physicality.

“I really, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Meghan said in an emotional confession. “I just, I start panicking. When we talk about body issues, I am so uncomfortable.”

While at the beach, Meghan opened up about how difficult it was for her to see others with different body types, adding she didn’t feel “socially accepted” because of her physical appearance.

“I don’t feel like I belong here,” she told Tina and Vannessa on the beach. “I just feel like, as excited as I was to see the beach, I wish I had waited so I could feel more confident out here.”

However, the TLC stars ultimately enjoyed some time in the water after Tina told Meghan to “not let anything bring [her] down” that day. Hopefully fans will see the friends continue to embrace life and all it has to offer, as season 2 is coming on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Scroll through the gallery to see the 1000-Lb. Best Friends cast’s swimsuits from their beach day! 

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