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1000-Lb Best Friends’ Vannessa Cross’ Weight Loss: See Her Incredible Transformation in Photos

On her way! 1000-Lb. Best Friends star Vannessa Crossmission to get under 400 pounds so that she can become a candidate for bariatric surgery has succeeded, and she’s undergone an amazing weight loss transformation. Fans have been able to watch her progress, which is clear through before and after photos.

She weighed in at 398 pounds during a March 2022 episode, which is a significant drop from when she was at her heaviest around 500 pounds.

Vannessa teased signs that she had undergone the procedure, finally showing off her impressive look during the season 2 trailer, which was released in December 2022. Not only is she noticeably slimmer in the clips, but she’s smiling from ear to ear, radiating from the healthier direction her life is heading in.

Earlier on 1000-Lb Best Friends, Vannessa was so disappointed when she weighed in at 441.6 pounds, after previously losing 20 pounds six months prior. “When I first saw Dr. Procter, my weight was 446 pounds,” Vannessa told producers. “Last time I saw him, I was only 427. He gave me the goal to get under 400 pounds, but I’ve spent most of the time since ignoring my diet,” she confessed.

When Vannessa stepped on the scale in the March 21 episode, she revealed that she had been “working my ass off, watching what I eat, exercising and doing more than I’ve ever done.” The TLC star told producers, “I feel like I’m going to throw up. All I have to take is one step and in tells me my future,” about her fears over the weigh-in.

It turned out she had cause to celebrate, as Vannessa weighed in under 400 pounds and became a candidate for bariatric surgery! “This is the change I’ve needed in my life for so many years,” she gushed to Dr. Proctor. Vannessa then revealed in a confessional, “This is what I’ve been working for. Every struggle, every no, every time I cried, this is why. This is why I did it: to get to this moment.”

In the last six years, Vannessa’s weight has fluctuated between 350 and 500 pounds, which began with the death of her husband.

“That’s what turned me from where I [was at] 350 pounds throughout my entire life — but when he passed away in 2016, my life spiraled out of control. I gained probably at least 100 pounds [and] actually at my biggest I was 500 pounds,” she told Us Weekly in a February 4, 2022 interview. Vannessa added, “I got up to 500 pounds and then by 2018 is when I got back down to 300 pounds. But losing my husband was the worst thing of my life because I never knew that kind of pain existed.”

Scroll down for photos of Vannessa’s weight loss transformation. 

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