Pregnant new girl

'New Girl' Castmates
Zooey Deschanel and
Jake Johnson Post
Twitter Photo of a
Pregnant Nick!

Dewey Nicks/FOX; Twitter

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no bun in Nick’s oven!

Zooey Deschanel, who plays quirkly, lovable Jess on the FOX hit New Girl, recently tweeted a photo with her co-star Jake Johnson, who, if we had to guess, appears to be in his last trimester.

Jake plays Jess’ rugged roommate Nick Miller on the show, so it’s no surprise Zooey took to her twitter account to share the good news with all of their New Girl fans.

“Jake Johnson is preggers!” she proudly announced along with the pic of Jake with a giant baby bump.

Anyone who’s taken a middle school health class knows that it’s physically impossible for a man to be pregnant, but we think it’s awesome that there’s so much love between the loftmates both on- and off-set.

In the show’s Oct. 2 episode “Fluffer,” Nick gave Jess what he calls his “Sexy Mix Playlist” to help her get over her ex (and under someone else), and soon after revealed all of the songs that made the cut.

Based on his track listing, we’re highly confident that the conception of Jake’s imaginary child happened during one one of these tunes: “Smooth Operator,” “I Want Your Sex,” “Touch My Body,” “Push It,” “I Wanna Sex You Up,” “Let’s Get It On,” “Groove is in the Heart,” “Rico Suave,” “Touch My Body,” “Physical” or “Do Me Baby.”

Even though this New Girl star won't be bearing a child any time soon, we'd like to thank him for enlightening us with his baby-makin' music.