Priscilla Presley was said to be all shook up when she was confronted at a book signing by a woman claiming to be her ex-husband Elvis Presley‘s love child.

Psychic to the Stars John Cohan, who says he was once pestered for a reading by the self-proclaimed love child, Deborah Presley Brando, reveals, “Priscilla was in shock when Deborah showed up — right in front of her” at a recent book signing.

Before his death in 1977, Elvis was Cohan’s friend and client and Deborah apparently once asked her PR man, Ed Lozzi, to track him down.

“She knew of some of my experiences with Elvis,” says Cohan. “We talked. She vented on assorted situations. I never gave her a reading. After a while I just didn’t answer whenever she reached out.”

Cohan says Deborah, who was divorced from Marlon Brando‘s late son Christian, told him she once talked to Elvis’ only recognized child, Lisa Marie Presley, on the phone.

“Lisa told me, ‘You mean nothing to me, in my life,'” he recalls her saying.

Deborah insists her mom, Barbara Jean Lewis, was 14 years old when she met the rising star in the mid-1950s and gave birth to Deborah at age 16.

“As a result of my father’s never-ending fame, a myth of delusion has been created — the myth being that Lisa was his ‘only’ child/daughter — an overused phrase intended to influence the masses,” Deborah wrote in a public statement after Lisa Marie’s death in January 2023. “Granted, Lisa Marie was the only child of Elvis who was publicly acknowledged. He had other children. As far as I know, I am the eldest.”

Deborah, 68, says her mother only revealed the truth about her paternity after Elvis died. And she sounds bitter, blaming Elvis’ late manager, Col. Tom Parker, for putting “fame and money” before “flesh and blood” by denying the “Hound Dog” singer had any kids out of wedlock.

In her statement, she says, “It is hurtful, and wrong, for his children to be disregarded and dismissed, as if we never existed — all in the name of the Hollywood myth.”

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