Nashville newbie Beyoncé got some giddy-up and go for her Country Carter album with her new lyrical spin on Dolly Parton‘s 1973 classic “Jolene” — but sources exclusively tell In Touch the R&B queen is sending all of the dough earned from the ditty straight to the “Smoky Mountain Memories” singer.

The former Destiny’s Child frontwoman reworked most of the words for the tune about an infamous man-stealing temptress, but listed the 78-year-old music icon as its sole songwriter — potentially giving up millions.

“Beyoncé had every right to take at least a partial songwriting credit for her version of ‘Jolene,’ and Dolly said she wouldn’t have minded if she had,” an insider says. “But Beyoncé is a huge Dolly fan, and she felt she would be disrespecting her if she made songwriting royalties off ‘Jolene.'”

With the “Texas Hold ‘Em” hitmaker, 42, topping both the album sales charts and music streaming services, Parton stands to rake in a mountain of cash beyond the $10 million she reportedly earns in songwriting royalties each year.

She’ll also take home performance royalties for doing a spoken word intro to Beyoncé’s reimagined version.

“Dolly was the one who encouraged Beyoncé to take a crack at doing ‘Jolene’ in the first place, and she was just floored Beyoncé sacrificed her financial rights. That’s going to make Dolly big bucks,” another insider says. “She says she’s going to put that money to good use to fund her charitable projects — and she’s made a friend for life!”

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