Amanda bynes arrest 911

Bynes Calls 911 On
Herself During Arrest


Multiple sources have exclusively told In Touch that Amanda Bynes actually called 911 herself on Thursday night. 

When police responded to Amanda’s apartment building — following a phone call to authorities from the doorman to report that Amanda was smoking marijuana in the building’s lobby — the star dialed 911.
“She called 911, saying cops were going to assault her,” a source confirms to In Touch. According to law enforcement officials, police at the scene determined it was appropriate to take Amanda to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation due to her erratic behavior upon their arrival.
Once Amanda’s evaluation was complete, she was taken to Central Booking, where she was booked for criminal possession of pot, as well as reckless endangerment and felony tampering with evidence for allegedly tossing her bong out of her Times Square apartment window.
Amanda’s arrest comes on the heels of In Touch releasing exclusive photos taken inside her apartment during a long night of partying that reveal her disheveled living conditions, and Amanda herself atop a bare mattress smoking what appears to be a joint.
The star was also pictured applying her makeup and dancing (much like her infamous "getting-ready" Twitter video that went viral), with a strange man “dancing behind her, and smoking weed with her,” says “Joe” to In Touch. Joe is a photographer who was inside Amanda’s apartment that night, and doesn’t want his real name used.
The fallen starlet’s bizarre tweets and dramatically altered appearance have led to rampant rumors that she is mentally unstable, though she recently defended her sanity to In Touch, telling the mag she doesn't smoke pot and “I’m not crazy.”