Angelina jolie ethan hawke kiss

Ethan Hawke: "My Best
Onscreen Kiss Was With
Angelina Jolie"


Ethan Hawke’s greatest movie liplock was shared with another man’s fiancé and mother of six.

"My best onscreen kiss was with Angelina Jolie," the actor admitted during a visit to Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday.

When host Andy Cohen asked Ethan what made their smooch so great, he confessed of his Taking Lives co-star: “Pillowy lips, a lot of tongue ... What?"

Angie, who is now engaged to Brad Pitt and shares six children with him, starred with Ethan in the psychological thriller in 2004— one year before getting together with Brad.

And the film was a fun one for Angie to take part in, as well. “ We should have done a comedy because we were laughing all the time,” she said of the flick. “Instead we did this very, very serious, scary movie.”

Nine years later, Ethan is still swooning over the leggy brunette.

"Why is Amadeus, Wolfgang Mozart, a genius?" said Hawke. "I'm talking... Angelina Jolie was born to whittle men, to make them weak. And when she kisses you, you don't know your name."

The co-stars were heavily rumored to be having a steamy off-screen affair while filming in 2003. During the time, Ethan was still married to Uma Thurman.

But when Ethan was asked by the audience who his hottest off-screen hookup was, he replied: “Let me tell you something, if we're going to be honest. The facts are the more hot, they are the more acclaimed they are for being hot... the less hot they are. So the hottest chick I've ever been with on-screen was not anybody anyone has ever heard of. I wish this weren't true, but lets face it - I had a good few years. But the most wonderful experiences didn't happen with anyone you have ever heard of."

As the audience cheered, the actor muttered: “They would have gone nuts if I'd said 'Angelina Jolie!' Instead they are like, 'What does that mean?'"