Well, that backfired! In the Jan. 31 episode of VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Young Bae was certain Donna was pregnant, so she convinced her friend to take a pregnancy test by promising to take a test alongside her in solidarity. The result: Donna wasn’t pregnant. Young Bae, however, was.

At first, Donna was reluctant to take the test, even with Bae and Ted prodding her on. “You got this glow,” Bae told her. “You look mad pretty, even after you threw up.” (Hey, that’s high praise!)

Finally, Bae and Donna struck a deal. “I know it’s silly, but if Donna is scared to take one by herself, I will take one with her,” Bae told us viewers. “What’s a little pee between friends?”

For her part, Donna said her and Moe’s impromptu hookups could be to blame. “The only reason I’m agreeing to do this is because me and Moe have been having’ a few moments of extreme passion, and maybe we haven’t been as careful as we think,” she explained.

After they kicked Ted out of the bathroom and start peeing on the sticks — with the microphones catching every sound — Bae heaped more praise on her friend. “You could cook, you’re very caring, loving,” the 33-year-old said. “You’re gonna be the best mother ever.”

But Donna was unconvinced, and she celebrated when her stick reveals only one line. Then she saw Bae’s stick. “But what do this mean, though?” Donna asked. “There’s two lines.”

“There’s two lines?” Bae fired back, incredulous. “That’s my stick? Stop playing … There’s no f–king way. What the f–k?”

The reveal took fans by surprise, too! “Let me slide over to Bae social media accounts to see what’s really going on with this pregnancy,” tweeted one viewer.

As far as we can tell, Bae hasn’t commented on the pregnancy test on Twitter, but she seems to see the humor in the situation nonetheless — retweeting a tweet reading, “Young Bae went looking for a mom and became a mom!” Ah, the miracle of life…

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