Lindsay Lohan will reportedly get naked for Playboy — and collect a high six-figure payday for taking it off! According to TMZ, Playboy offered the troubled actress $750,000 to strip, only to have Lindsay counter by asking for a million-dollar payday, although Lindsay's rep did not confirm or deny the report.

While she didn't get her cool million, the magazine did give Lindsay enough to get her to agree to pose. Access Hollywood reports that the photo shoot will happen in Los Angeles this week.

Lindsay is following in a tradition of troubled former child stars posing for Playboy, ranging from the tragic (Diff'rent Strokes star Dana Plato, who posed for Playboy in June of 1989, died of a prescription pill overdose at age 35 in 1999) to the triumphant (Drew Barrymore's Hollywood career got a kick-start after her January 1995 Playboy appearance.)

Whether it's a good career move for Lindsay remains to be seen, but it's a definitely buzz-builder for Playboy: When Lindsay posed naked for New York magazine in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot in 2008, the mag's website server crashed after the photos got more than 34 million page views in two days!

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