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Similar to CBD products being popular among humans due to their therapeutic and medical benefits, it is also useful for animals. This is because all vertebrate mammals including pets, have the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and cannabidiol imparts its benefits by enhancing its performance. Besides, it is safe as it is produced from the hemp plant having minimum levels of THC. As a result, there is no intoxicating effect in addition to the advantage of having minimum side effects. So, why not use CBD for pets?

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Pet Products?

Cannabidiol CBD found in the hemp plant is very good as a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory compound. It is also useful in the treatment of seizures, anxieties, memory problems and to ensure emotional well-being in pets. Also, it has the added benefit of accelerated healing and recuperation from sickness when made part of daily dietary supplement. Let us look into these benefits in detail.

The influence of CBD on the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, as well as its activation of vanilloid receptors that regulate pain perception, makes it useful in pain relief. So, it is useful in the treatment of pain from arthritis as well as from an injury. Besides, pain can make the pets aggressive and cannabidiol’s calming quality helps to relax them. The other problem that is common in pets is anxiety, and this affects their relationship with pet owners as well as their social behavior. It can also be used to improve the performance of pets during training as it helps improve their focus. Also, it can be used to manage different kinds of phobias in pets such as claustrophobia, loud noises, and traveling.

The other very important problem in pets is seizures, and CBD’s neuroprotective effect helps to manage this condition. Studies have shown that cannabidiol reduced the frequency of seizures in puppies as well as decreases neurotoxicity. The other big advantage of cannabidiol is its anti-cancer effect, as it reduces tumor growth and using it as a dietary supplement will help to prevent cancer. Moreover, using CBD oil helps to reduce nausea and ensure a good appetite to animals undergoing cancer treatment.

It is also useful to treat skin conditions in pets as well as giving good skin health and fur in cats when used as a topical product. It is also useful as an alternative to pharmaceutical anti-emetic drugs.

Why Use CBD For Dogs And Cats?

The medical benefits of CBD help to improve the overall wellness of our pets including cats and dogs. Using vet CBD food products gives good gut mobility, and helps to prevent as well as treat inflammatory bowel disease. In addition to this, cannabidiol has antibiotic properties and helps to prevent Staphylococcus Aureus infection and maintain good overall health. Since cats like to spend time outside it helps to manage allergy issues and prevent any possible skin conditions. Also, using CBD oil helps to ward off fleas and maintain good health in them.

For dogs, it aids in digestion, manages or treats digestion issues as well as maintain better brain health. The presence of high levels of anti-oxidants in CBD oil along with its enhancement of the immune system helps to manage hypersensitivity, allergies, and auto-immune disorders in pets. Besides, its daily use helps to maintain good cardiovascular health and bone health in older animals.

Why Should I Consult With The Veterinarian?

It is very important to consult with the veterinarian before giving any kind of CBD product as all pets do not require cannabidiol as part of their requirement. This is because the physiology and nutritional requirements vary from animals and across different breeds. Moreover, this is also important as some animals might develop allergic reactions to cannabidiol if they have any kind of plant allergy. Therefore, it is important to consult with the veterinarian to avoid unintentionally hurting your pet.

Is CBD For Pet Legal And Safe?

It is already established form numerous studies that CBD is safe for pets even in situations of high dosage over an extended period. Vet CBD products containing less than 0.3% of THC are legal and they can be easily purchased from pet stores as well as from online stores. However, you should know that cannabidiol can decrease the efficiency of liver enzymes breaking down pharmaceutical drugs. So, you must be careful and must consult with the veterinarian before giving it to your pet.

How Much CBD Should I Give For Pets?

The effectiveness of CBD is dependent on the optimal dosage for pets and it varies according to their weight, CBD tolerance, and breed or the species. A smaller animal will require only a lower dosage and vice versa. You can administer it directly, add in their food or give vet CBD food products, treats, etc.

It is obvious that CBD for pets is a very useful health supplement and does not have any side effects. Besides, it helps to boost the overall performance and health of your pet.

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