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If you haven’t gotten on the hemp train, you may be missing out on the fast track to living a wellness lifestyle. Though hemp itself is nothing new, we are now learning how to harness those wellness benefits in one unique formula that’s taking the cannabis market by storm and helping droves of Americans feel as good as they’ve always wanted to. So, you might want to get on board, because natural wellness solutions just got even better!


We’re talking about full spectrum CBD – the most advanced and well-rounded CBD solution in one easy formula.


It’s Not Just a Fad

Full spectrum formulas are the best thing to hit wellness culture since Jazzercise had us all decked out in legwarmers. Thanks to a growing hemp-friendly economy, you can rest assured that hemp products and full spectrum CBD products are here to stay!

As our understanding of the amazing benefits of hemp grows, we can perfect how we make the oils and how we use them on a day-to-day basis. This is why full spectrum products are getting so much attention right now, but this should continue for the future of cannabis wellness living.


What’s the Big Deal with Full Spectrum, anyway?

Forget the snake-oil fear that the CBD industry battled in those early, formative years…now CBD has a seat at the table. Now – everyone’s listening, from lawmakers to the medical community. Everyone’s talking about CBD+THC. But what, exactly, does full spectrum even mean?

Hemp plants, also known as Cannabis sativa, have over 100 molecular health-balancing molecules, the most well-known of which are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The miracles happen when you use a wide variety of these phytocannabinoids in one formula. We call these superior CBD oils full spectrum. You may think you’ve tried CBD or that you know CBD oils, but full spectrum is a whole other level of wellness, one that’s changing the face of the CBD industry.


Because more of the hemp plants’ parts are used, you get the entourage effect in a full spectrum CBD oil, which means the tiny little “wellness superheroes” are all working together for your benefit. This means when we combine a larger cannabis plant profile – like using CBD+THC in one complete formula – we get even greater health and wellness perks.


Benefits of CBD+THC in Full Spectrum

What happens when you use a full spectrum CBD oil rather than a broad spectrum one? Not knocking the wellness benefits of broad spectrum, which is great for some… but then, there are those of us who need more out of our CBD oils.


  • Even greater sleep support – Finally, non-medication options for us night owls who stare at the ceiling far too much!
  • Even greater balance within – Finally, the calming support we need to get us through the ups and downs of our days!
  • Unbeatable hemp formulas – Finally, the best parts of the hemp plant all packed into one easy-to-use formula.
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No matter where you are on your fitness and wellness journey, there’s a perfect full spectrum formula for you.

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