The new TLC reality series I Am Shauna Rae follows a 22-year-old woman navigating life “in the body of an 8-year-old,” detailing her hardships and how she has been finding herself in the process. Shauna Rae was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer as a child and although she later went into remission with treatment, it left her pituitary gland mostly dormant. Learn more about her below. 

Who Is Shauna Rae? 

She will be the main focus of TLC’s upcoming reality series, I Am Shauna Rae, which will premiere on January 11, 2022. Viewers will get to meet Shauna, her mom, Patty, as well as her half-sisters, Rylee and Morgan. It will show her dabbling in all sorts of fun activities such as bar-hopping, getting tattoos and pole-dancing.

“There’s not a lot of people like me but there are people out there who, like me, just feel different in any way,” Shauna told E! News. “When the trailer came out, it was kind of like I was worldwide almost overnight. People have reached out to me; I have found other people with pituitary dwarfism, and it’s really not only helped me, but helped them because now we know that we’re not alone.”

I Am Shauna Rae Follows 22-Year-Old Navigating Life in Body of an 8-Year-Old 3

What Is Shauna Rae’s Height? 

Shauna stands at 3 feet and 10 inches tall. 

What Is Shauna Rae’s Job?

Shauna has yet to share details about having a job, but she did state that she hopes to find her “independence” in the near future.

I Am Shauna Rae Follows 22-Year-Old Navigating Life in Body of an 8-Year-Old 2

How Does She Deal With Comments?

Shauna explained that because she looks so young in appearance, she often deals with people staring, judging her for the way she styles herself and for what she does. 

“I think whether I’m dressed up or not, I get attention,” she explained to People ahead of the show’s premiere. “I think when I’m dressed up and I have makeup on, my mom gets negative attention. I don’t think it’s any different for me, I think it’s different for my family.”

“I feel horrible for my mom because I don’t deal with all the backlash because they don’t think it’s appropriate to come up to a child and say these things,” Shauna added, noting people need to be more considerate. “They think it’s appropriate for them to come up to the mother, which isn’t appropriate at all in my opinion.” 

I Am Shauna Rae premieres on TLC on Tuesday, January 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

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