You haven't heard the last of Rachel Dolezal! The 40-year-old became one of the most controversial figures in America in 2015 when it was revealed that she's not black. Why does that matter? Well, because she was an NAACP leader and had gone out of her way to make people believe that she was! Now, her son is opening up in a new Netflix documentary about his mother's lies and how it affected her family. Still not sure who she is? We have everything you need to know before watching The Rachel Divide.

Rachel, who now goes by the name Nkechi Amare Diallo, was forced to resign from her position as the leader of the Spokane, WA chapter of the NAACP after they learned that she lied about being black. She had gone to great lengths to appear African-American, from perming her hair to tanning her skin. She also lied in her biography, about having cancer, and about hate crimes committed against her. People were understandably outraged as her story began blowing up.

Instead of apologizing for cultural appropriation, Rachel insisted that she is "trans-racial," or that she identifies as black though she was born white. Soon after being fired from her job as the Africana studies professor at Eastern Washington University, she wrote a memoir comparing her experiences to slavery. Yes, really.

In the beginning of 2017, Rachel was allegedly on food stamps and on the brink of homelessness. She cares for her sons Franklin Moore, Langston Dolezal, and an unnamed two-year-old, and the new Netflix documentary makes it clear that they have suffered in all of this. Rachel refuses to let it go, and it's straining her relationship with Franklin. "I really do not want to focus on this for the rest of my life," he said in a sneak peek, obviously upset. "I resent some of her choices, and I resent some of the words she's spoken in interviews."

While Netflix even doing the documentary is controversial, as some fans feel like it's giving attention to the wrong things, we're definitely interested in seeing how Rachel's actions have affected those around her. We'll certainly be tuning in when it goes live on April 27.

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